Can’t Most of The Left Be Happy That Zarqawi is Dead?

Just for a little while? Zarqawi was a bad man and a member of al-queda before 9/11. He has beheaded and bombed innocents, including Americans. He has killed our troops, and he isn’t even Iraqi. Yet the Loony Left has to trot out the conspiracy theories, questioning the timing. They have to compare Zarqawi to Bush. They blame the USA, and Bush, for Zarqawi’s actions. And so on and so forth.

Some choice comments from delving into the fever swamps:

From The Nation:

It’s good news that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is dead. Any member of the civilized world ought to cheer the demise of a terrorist who killed civilians with bombings and beheadings.

But his death–brought about by a US air strike that was apparently ordered after a captured Zarqawi lieutenant disclosed Zarqawi’s favorite hiding places–may not mean much in terms of bringing peace, democracy and stability to Iraq. His al Qaeda in Iraq–which was estimated to number no more than several hundred fighters–made up the smallest slice of the insurgency. His departure will not have much impact on the forces fueling the fighting and chaos in Iraq. The Sunni-based insurgency draws on the 300,000 or so former members of the Iraq army that was disbanded in May 2003. And the Shiite militias have thousands of armed loyalists. Though Zarqawi was an evil leader responsible for the most dramatic acts of terrorism, he was something of a sideshow. Recently, an Iraqi intelligence officer told me that the most pressing problem in Iraq was not Zarqawi and his jihadists but the infiltration of the military and security forces by the various militias. These groups are responsible for the death squad-like activities (kidnappings, murders) that have terrorized Iraqis. They will not be given much pause by the successful attack on Zarqawi. (And Bruce Hoffman, a terrorism expert at Rand, notes that after George W. Bush and Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the two people most satisfied by Zarqawi’s death are Osama bin Laden and his number-two Ayman al-Zawahiri, for now they have been spared a competitor for attention and handed a martyr.)

The Dummocratic Underground

 Is everyone convinced that Al-Zarqawi is really dead? (this time or any of the other times).. after having 2 500 lb bombs dropped on him, I find he looks remarkable. (whomever it is in the picture) I am NOT convinced and that’s my opinion..

 Perhaps Zarqawi IS dead, finally; Zarqawi is but one pissed off Iraqi—Bush has pissed off millions of them, and they don’t sit around on their hands begging for leadership like some Democrats we can think of. If Bush plans to exterminate every last aggrieved Iraqi, Muslim, or whatever, he will depopulate the world. And he will still be a war criminal, still be a total LOSER, still be the villain of the 21st Century, just as Hitler was the villain of the 20th Century.

So, Basically you’re saying Mission accomplished? (then the replies:)

  • Hmm…it would appear so. Stand by for upcoming troop reduction statements  It will also take heat off of the Haditha investigations to pull troops out.
  • It would certainly cut into Dem campaigns running to pull troops out.

And those are some of the tamer responses.

From the HuffPuff, one of the Readers Favorite Comments

 Congrats, Amerika. You “killed” Zarqawi. Woo hoo.

It only took the lives of 5,000 to 10,000, (maybe 20,000?) innocent men, women and CHILDREN to get one replaceable man who was a nobody before we illegally invaded and put him on the international map.

Purple fingers.

Yep, it was ALL worth it. We should double our spending NOW so that we can BOMB the next in line as soon as he/she appears.

 “Mission Accomplished,” gave us Abu Gharib, Gitmo and rendition.

“Bring it on,” gave us Falluja ’04, Hadditha as well as Abu Al-Zarqawi.

So much to be thankful for, so little time to profit from it.

Is it strange to wonder what the implications of Zarqawi’s death coming on the anniversary of Mohammed’s in the year 632 are??? (Not a conspiracy theorist, just curious. I like to deal in FACTS.)

Peace to you and yours. happystead.


If Zarqawi is such a big deal, then it’s great that we got him. But I can’t help but feel a nagging “so what” in my gut, at least as it concerns the situation in Iraq. In a month, I fear things are going to be just as bad as ever, and the public will quickly forget the “victory” over Zarqawi just as the capture of Saddam didn’t change much either.

John Hawkins at Right Wing News delved into the swamps at Kamp Kos, to see what the Kool (aid) Kids where up to. Scary.

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5 Responses to “Can’t Most of The Left Be Happy That Zarqawi is Dead?”

  1. Another One Bites the Dust…

    HereÂ’s how IÂ’m reading this. Zarqawi was awakened this morning by the demons of hell …… He was delivered to the demons of hell by the United States of America Armed Forces. HOOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

  2. US Warplanes Bomb Innocent Villagers Drinking Tea…

    U.S. Warplanes dropped two 500-pound bombs on innocent villagers in a quiet city in Diyala Province. Close friends and family gathered for a meeting to discuss local matters over tea when they were indiscriminately killed. Among the dead were a……

  3. Hugh says:

    Was NBC News’ Jim Miklaszewski reporting that in June 2002 al-Qaeda was in Iraq and was being lead by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. He says the Pentagon blew the chance to take out the al-Qaeda leader and his terrorist camp in Iraq. That sounds like al-Qaeda was in Iraq and Zarqawi was planning to use ricin in terrorist attacks in Europe. I thought they said al-Qaeda wasn’t in Iraq. Now it seems they want to conviently say that we coul have taken him out in 2002 in Iraq. Which way is it? Was al-Qaeda in Iraq and we blew it. Or, al-Qaeda wasn’t in Iraq before we invaded it. David Corn must know which way to spin it in his direction, right?

  4. Exactly. And there was some other guy, to lazy to look his name up at the moment (just woke up) who was a top al-queda Lt. of Osama’s, who was resting and recuperating from a broken leg in Iraq.

  5. Ed Burke says:

    I am both a decorated combat infantry veteran of Vietnam, and a lifelong Democrat. I applaud the death of al Zarqawi, but don’t see it changing much, despite the spin that it does. Vietnam was a debacle because the grads of war college were NOT permitted to run the war. Firing the generals who don’t agree that it is to be a cheap and easy war led us to the new and better Meat Grinder of Iraq. President, ” Stay-Safe-At-Home ” has no clue how to conduct combat operations, and Rumsfeld,Wolfowitz, Rove and Cheney all never wore a uniform. Wimps in Wolf’s Clothing, all !
    God Help America !

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