Oops. EU Countries Colluded With CIA Rendition

So, will there be anger from the Left at those countries? Will all those whiny EU buttholes feel properly chastened for running their yaps?

More than 20 mostly European countries colluded in a “global spider’s web” of secret CIA jails and flight transfers of terrorist suspects stretching from Asia to Guantanamo Bay, a rights watchdog said on Wednesday.

Council of Europe investigator Dick Marty said the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency‘s well-oiled system did not involve torture but amounted to a form of “legal and judicial apartheid” that could exacerbate Muslim anger and spawn new terrorists.

The United States maintained a stance of neither denying nor confirming the allegations but challenged the credibility of the Council of Europe’s report. Some European governments denied breaking laws, while others were silent or went on the attack.


It is the second paragraph that catches my attention most, though, since I could care less where the CIA takes captured terrorists. No torture reported, but we are creating more terrorists by treating them like, well, terrorists.

Of course, if we don’t do anything to them, then more are still created, and they blow even more shat up. Probably best just to kill them and send them to see Allah, see if he actually has 72 virgins waiting.

To be fair, though:

Despite the lack of “smoking gun” evidence, Marty said there were a “number of coherent and converging elements (that) indicated that secret detention centres have indeed existed and unlawful inter-state transfers have taken place in Europe.”

So it is kinda hearsay, like always. Take the report with a grain of salt. But, the Left was believing everything bad about the USA and CIA beforehand. Will they believe bad stuff about EU members?

Seriously, who cares? These horrible people have been responsible for much misery. Never forget 9/11.

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