WTW: Another Dead Terrorist

Hoorah for our military, they have wacked another wanted terrorist (from DefenseLink News):

Coalition forces killed a wanted terrorist and detained another during a raid June 2, and Iraqi forces killed an insurgent financier and captured two cell leaders in a series of raids June 1, military officials in Iraq reported today.

Coalition forces killed wanted al Qaeda terrorist Hasayn Ali Muzabir in the June 2 raid near Balad, Iraq.

Muzabir was a former Iraqi intelligence officer under the Saddam Hussein regime, but more recently operated as a so-called al Qaeda military emir in the vicinity of Samarra, officials said. Muzabir was responsible for helping Iraqi and foreign terrorists and also managed and provided funds for kidnapping, assassinations and bombings against Iraqi citizens and Iraqi and coalition forces.

Of course, were I writing for a Lefty site, the headline would probably have been “Evil US Forces murder freedom fighter.”

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12 Responses to “WTW: Another Dead Terrorist”

  1. Andrew Herman says:

    Oh Please-only in your fevered wingnut imagination. Please give us the URL’s of the lefty web sites where we can find this headline today–or yesterday–or the day before. You get the point.

  2. Roderick says:

    There really is nothing to celebrate. If there were a finite number of terrorists then we could say yahoo, but most of us on the left are logical enough to know that thanks- to Bush’s stupid invasion and collateral damage (killing of thousands of innocent civilians) that more terrorists are being created by the day *sigh*

    BTW how many #2 Al-Queda’s are there?

  3. madmatt says:

    Is this another #2 al queda guy, we seem to kill lots of them!

  4. jeff says:

    “Of course, were I writing for a Lefty site, the headline would probably have been “Evil US Forces murder freedom fighter.”
    Still looking for this headline.
    Or maybe no one, left or right, likes terrorists. Nahhhh, that can’t be it.

  5. sal says:

    How about this for a headline:

    GOP sends US forces into harms way without the right body amour

    Unlike your headline, I can back mine up with facts.


    But those lefty journalists are nothing but figments of your imagination.

  6. MAhu says:

    The phrase “Evil US Forces murder freedom fighter.” appears only on your website when introduced into Google. could it be you are umm whats the GOP word for it? c-L-arif-YING?

  7. Whatfuckingtoad says:

    Nothing gets my blood boiling as much as having a know-nothing conservative tell me what I think. F***-you for starters, thank you very much.

    When liberals decry the war it’s not because we don’t support our troops — these are our brothers, wives and children too — but because we see them being misused by a mendacious administration to support a failed campaign and an illegal military doctrine, at the expense of their honor and the US’ prestige and dignity. That’s what we see when a Haditha, an Abu Graibh, happens.

    When our boys take out a terrorist we say “Shoot another one!” and hope that we actually get back to killing Osama Bin Laden. Remember him?

  8. William Teach says:

    Just spend a little time trolling through the DU, Liberty Forum, or other extremist Left site and you will see what I am talking about.

    Furthermore, I notice that no one has said “great! Our brave soldiers dealt with more terrorist scum.” Instead, I see people blaming Bush, as usual, for turning governmental terrorists into independent contracters. Better to have left Saddam in power, eh libs?

  9. Whatfuckingtoad says:

    Dear Bill the Toad,

    First off, I’m a regular on Kos and Salon (Dao report, how you got me and my friends here), yet this is the first I’ve ever even heard of DU and Liberty Forum (where they apparently would refer to me as a “classic liberal”). If you want to play the “find a loony troll” game, we can, but it’s a waste since there’s a freak on the Internet for every opinion.

    Second off, you didn’t read my post right above your own.

    Better to have Saddam in power? But I thought we went to war in Iraq to eliminate his weapons stockpiles. Why didn’t we attack Iraq pre-911 if your “reasoning” is correct?

  10. Whatfuckingtoad says:


    Nice the way you’ve gone from saying “The Libs will cheer this on” to “I don’t see the Libs cheering our troops.”

    Sorta like going to war for one reason and justifying it with another. You conservatives really are all alike, you can’t even say the same thing twice when you’ve blogged it.

    What a maroon!

  11. ChrisO says:

    OK, I just went and scanned DU, and I don’t find any mention of the killing of the wanted terrorist, much less any mention of evil US forces murdering a freedom fighter. Recognizing that you may have done a more extensive search than I, perhaps you can post a link to the DU page you’re referencing. Because I’d hate to think that you’re just spewing hateful right wing buillshit with no basis in fact, and then throwing DU into the mix as a slanderous lie intended to get you off the hook for your totally dishonest post. Or are you claiming that sites that didn’t comment at all on the story are by their silence calling our troops “evil”? Becaue I like to think the best of people, and I’d hate to think that not only are you a liar, but that you’re borderline retarded, as well. Or maybe you’re just so hateful that you can’t write something positive about this terrorist being killed without taking gratuitous swipes at the left?

  12. Bill Busby says:

    Mr Murphy,

    The attack on Iraq was a huge expensive misjudgment. Because the President does not acknowledge that huge mistake, he is keeping our army of occupation there. Thousands of US soldiers have died.

    They will go on dying until we withdraw from Iraq. There is no military solution to the problems in Iraq, and our troops serve only as targets.

    What US interest is being served by President Bush’s Iraq policy? Anyone who claims to support our troops should be working hard to take them out of an unwinnable situation as soon as possible.

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