ACLU: Let’s Discriminate! And Promote Sexism!

The ACLU is all about stopping discrimination, right? This is what they have to say about the proposed Marriage Amendment:

 The American Civil Liberties Union today strongly condemned President Bush for publicly supporting a proposal to amend the Constitution to deny marriage protections to gay and lesbian couples and their children. Both houses of Congress overwhelmingly rejected a similar Federal Marriage Amendment in 2004, and the Senate is expected to consider the proposal on Wednesday.

Sorry to tell them, but it is a little thing called “majority rules.” Many have called this an end run around the States. However, sometimes that is necessary. It took an end run to pass Amendments that freed the slaves and gave the vote to women.

If the majority want an Amendment, the majority should get an Amendment. That is the only way to stop activist judges and crazy mayors (like in San Fran) from circumventing federal laws, such as the Defense of Marriage Act.

Marriage is between a man and a woman. And we, as a society, have become too easy in setting aside our values. I have no problem with people being homosexual, as long as they aren’t pushing their lifestyle on me, and calling me names because I do not believe the same things they do. Tolerance works both ways.

But, back to discrimination:

 The New York Civil Liberties Union and the American Civil Liberties Union today began a jury trial in federal court arguing that the Suffolk County Police Department discriminates against women officers by denying them access to limited duty positions, like working the precinct desk, during their pregnancies.

In other words, the ACLU wants to discriminate against male officers, who have no such options. Why should the women be treated any differently? The ACLU’s doctrine is that there should be no discrimination what-so-ever! Yet, here we have a discriminatory lawsuit. And sexist. This lawsuit is claiming that pregnant woman are weeping flowers that need protection. Bad, bad, ACLU.

Now, you and I know that there is some merit in the suit. The SCPD probably should allow pregnant officers to perform limited duty jobs. That is discriminatory and sexist to say, but, it’s reality. But the ACLU is, as usual, being hypocritical, and applying what they see as “Rights” discriminatorily.

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