WTW: 6-6-6

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Hey, y’all, Jebediah here. And I reckon I’m not getting this whole “today is Pure Evil” day.

Is Tuesday’s date — 6-6-6 — merely a curious number or could it mean our number is up?

There’s a devilishly odd nexus of theology, mathematics and commercialism on the sixth day of the sixth month of the sixth year. OK, it’s just the sixth year of this millennium, but insisting on calling it 2006 takes the devil-may-care fun out of calendar-gazing.

I’d be a wee bit more concerned if it was June 6th in the year 6, or if it was the 666th day on the calendar. But, I guess, I am taking the fun out of the day.

You want pure evil?

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That’s evil. But how about

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2 Responses to “WTW: 6-6-6”

  1. The Dumb Ox says:

    Dumb Ox Headlines (6/6/6): Satan=Evangelicals=Republicans?…

    Daily news and views you won’t likely see in the MSM……

  2. Owoooo Lorraine Bracco On the Couch…

    From NJ COM – Today (June 6, 2006) marks the release of Lorraine Bracco’s new book, On the Couch. Besides being available from Amazon, Ms. Bracco will be having a book signing event at 1 pm – at Barnes &……

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