WTW: Global Warming Threatens Toxic Sea

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In the Baltic, though, global warming is destroying the already heavily polluted waters (?)

Global warming is adding new threats to marine life in the almost land-locked Baltic Sea, where fish are already struggling in polluted, brackish waters, a leading expert said on Wednesday.

“The Baltic Sea is already in bad shape … life there is in a very delicate balance,” Hans von Storch, a professor at the Institute of Coastal Research in Germany who chairs a group of 80 scientists from 12 nations studying the Baltic, told Reuters.

Gee, so perhaps they should do something about the pollutants, rather then worrying about an unproven (except by feelings based scientists and crackpots) hypothesis, ie, global warming. But, no, the “scientists” will cry and moan about so called climate change, and, meanwhile, the fish and other life will die because the actual water pollution will be ignored. Typical.

Higher temperatures are likely to mean more rain and snow in the Baltic region, from Copenhagen to St. Petersburg and where 85 million people live. That might make the sea ever less salty and add to a polluting runoff of fertilisers from farmland.

Huh? Higher temps mean more snow? Drop the crack pipe.

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