Iran Wants More Talks Shagging With EU

Will the European Union act like one of those women on Jerry Springer, or will they put on their chastity belts (via Yahoo News)

PUTRAJAYA, Malaysia – Iran‘s foreign minister said Tuesday that Tehran is ready to restart negotiations with the European Union on its nuclear program, but he ruled out direct talks with the United States.

“I announce that Iran is ready to respond positively to the call” made by the Nonaligned Movement “for resuming the negotiations on Iran’s nuclear issue without any preconditions,” Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki told reporters.

“Accordingly, I would announce our readiness to restart immediately the negotiations with the EU Three to resolve the issues,” he said, referring to Britain, France and Germany.

“Come on baby, I really love you. I miss you. I need you.”

How quick will these nincompoops cave in to Iran? Will they realize that they are being played? Probably not. In their little diplomatic worlds, even haters like Iran can be saved with a little talk talk.

Notice that they ruled out direct talks with the USA:

“Because of the bad temperament of the Americans, for the time being we have suspended direct talks (with the U.S). After changing of the behavior we may consider again,” said Mottaki, who was in Malaysia to attend a meeting of foreign ministers of the Nonaligned Movement, which ended Tuesday.

The interesting thing will be that people around the world, including our own poltroon left, also know as the Surrender Monkeys, will blame the USA for the stalemate, rather then see the forest through the trees, ie, Iran is a major sponser of terrorism, has a crazy man for a President, who also hates the USA, and is a big human rights violator, among others.

And, yes, we do have a bad temperment when we are being lied to by a 2 bit Stalin want-to-be who has denied the Holocaust, threatened the USA, was part of the hostage takers back in the late 70’s, and may very well give nuclear materials to terrorist organizations.

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