Asshat Of The Week (and it’s only Tuesday!)

Like many politicians, this one is completely and utterly clueless (from the Raleigh N&0)

CARRBORO – Alderman John Herrera wants Carrboro to be the first town in North Carolina to give noncitizens the vote.

At a meeting Friday between the Board of Aldermen and Orange County’s legislative delegation, Herrera asked the delegates to bring the topic to the General Assembly.

He asked “that future U.S. citizens and legal residents on the path to citizenship participate and be able to vote in municipal elections.

“In Carrboro, we would really like to be the pilot project in this,” Herrera said.

What can I say? Herrera may be hispanic, but, overwhelmingly, the citizens of North Carolina, from the Barking Moonbats through the Middle to the Ultra Right Wingnuts are opposed to this kind of mularky.

The citizens of NC are already pissed off about Governor Easley pushing for official drivers licenses and in-state tuition for non citizens. Now this wacko wants to give non-citizens the vote. Idiotic. What part of the US Constitution, which over-rides the NC Constitution, does he not understand?

Folks who are not citizens but who have applied for citizenship are more then welcome to vote. When they become full citizens. Period.

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