ACLU Applauds Voting Rights Act Vote In Judiciary

From the Azzhole Communist Libations Union website:

The American Civil Liberties Union today applauded the House Judiciary Committee’s near-unanimous decision, by a vote of 33 to 1, to advance the bipartisan and bicameral “Fannie Lou Hamer, Rosa Parks and Coretta Scott King Reauthorization and Amendments Act of 2006” (H.R. 9).  H.R. 9 would renew key provisions of the landmark Voting Rights Act (VRA), which are set to expire in 2007. 

The following can be attributed to Caroline Fredrickson, Director of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office:

“The ACLU applauds the bipartisan efforts of the House Judiciary Committee to protect the Voting Rights Act by advancing the Fannie Lou Hamer, Rosa Parks and Coretta Scott King Reauthorization and Amendments Act of 2006.  The committee vote demonstrates that renewal of the expiring provisions of the Voting Rights Act is an issue that cuts across party lines.  People of all political stripes recognize that fair and equal participation in the political process is a fundamental right, and the Voting Rights Act is an essential protection of this right for American citizens.” 

But where is the kudo’s for President George W. Bush? They want to slam him for every single itty bitty thing that happens that might possibly kinda sorta be bad, yet his name is left out of this story. He did push for the renewal of this act:

While honoring civil rights hero Rosa Parks, President Bush delighted modern-day black leaders Thursday by calling on Congress to renew the provisions of the landmark 1965 Voting Rights Act that are set to expire.

“Eventually the civil rights movement would succeed in persuading Congress to pass more sweeping legislation that dealt with voting rights and discrimination in public places, and school segregation,” said the president. “And the United States Congress should renew the Voting Rights Act of 1965.”

That declaration surprised many of the civil rights leaders, Parks relatives and politicians who had gathered at the White House for the signing ceremony. They erupted in applause and rose to give Bush a standing ovation.
So, he pushed for the renewal, and, despite some on the Left having hissy fits and making shat up, such as that he is unfamiliar with the Voting Rights Act, it has passed the House Judiciary Committee 33-1, and the ACLU completely ignores Bush and his push for renewal. Figures.
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