Ahmadinejad Could’ve Just Sent An Email

Throw this up to the top: a supposed full copy of the letter.

So, the Drive By Media made a big deal out of said letter to President Bush, the first time this had been done in 27 years. So, people in the Blogosphere picked it up. And for what? Apparently a long, rambling discourse on nothing to do with what is going one. It was “17 or 18 pages long and covered history, philosophy and religion,” and was quickly dismissed by Sec of State Rice.

In it, Ahmadinejad told Bush that democracy had failed, and he criticized the United States over a host of issues ranging from the invasion of Iraq to its support for Israel.

It made only an oblique reference to Iran’s intentions, asking why “any technological and scientific achievement reached in the Middle East region is translated into and portrayed as a threat to the Zionist regime.”

Hostage taker Ahmadinejad (no wonder he is angry, his name sounds like a sneezing noise) sure won’t get far on the dimplomacy front with that kind of writing. Would have been easier to send an email, rather then wasting so much time and effort.

And, as far as the “technological and scientific achievement,” first, the achievements aren’t Iran’s: they are stolen, borrowed, or bought. Second, when said achievement is by one of the worlds worst terrorist supporters with a president that has threatened to destroy Israel multiple times, as well as one that they signed a treaty against making (non proliferation treaty), then there is a problem.

All in all, the letter is red herring. It is designed to deflect attention away from their nuclear program and the impending UN action, provided that the UN gets off its duff and does the right thing.

US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton stated “I think it is typical of Iran that when major decisions are about to be taken … that they have tried to throw sand in the eyes of the proponents of the action. That’s what this may be.”

The letter said plenty negative about Bush, the USA, and democracy, which can be read in this article from the al-AP, which I’m sure makes the Leftards positively giddy with delight, considering that the slurs could just as easily have come from the Democratic Underground, Common Sense, the Daily Kos, Democratic members of Congress, or any of the normal Defeatocratic characters.

Meanwhile, Isreal says two can play at the “blow each other off the map” game. Considering that Israel actual has a nuclear weapons, supposedly 175 to 300+ warheads, I reckon they could win right now.


Pamela says any answer should include missiles. I like where her head is at.

Captain Ed let’s us know about the World According to Garp Mahmoud 

Right Wing News has a copy of the letter, as well.

And Hot Air exposes Sneezy’s letter.

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