Al Gore Pimping “An Inconvenient Truth”

However, I have to wonder: if Al thinks the world is going to end in 10 years from global warming, why bother making a film about it?

“This is the ultimate action movie,” Gore said Thursday. “I hope it will move the audience to action, and the action taken by the American people when they see it . . . will change the way our government works.”

Despite what political pundits might claim, Gore insists he’s not using “An Inconvenient Truth” as a springboard to another presidential run. “I have no intention of being a candidate. Anyone who checks the political traps in any of the 50 states will find there’s no evidence of a renewed campaign.”

You heard it straight from the horses ass, folks. He ‘taint running.

Also, he does have a sense of humor. “Ultimate action movie.” But, if it can change the way the Dems in government constantly undermine the US in its war efforts, great! They do need help.

Meanwhile, what will happen is all the good Red state libs will watch it, cheer it, then ignore its message.

And, yes, I personally do hope to go see it. Just because I speak out against global warming as Man made, doesn’t mean I am not concerned, and willing to listen to the all sides.

I wonder if his movie will tank in Tennessee? 😉

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