Wind Shift Man’s Fault. Oh, Please.

Check this bias:

An important wind circulation pattern over the Pacific Ocean has begun to weaken because of global warming caused by human activity, something that could alter climate and the marine food chain in the region, new research suggests.

Of course. They can positively state that Man has caused this, but it is “something that could alter….” And

  •  It’s not clear what climate changes might
  •  the slowdown might reduce populations

Interesting how Man is positively, 100%, at fault, but then no one ever knows what the results could be.

The slowdown was detected in shipboard and land-based data going back to the mid-1800s. It matches an effect predicted by computer climate simulations that trace global warming to a build-up of heat-trapping greenhouse gases, the researchers report. But simulations that consider only natural influences fail to produce the observed slowdown, Vecchi said.

So, it appears the slowdown is largely due to the man-made buildup of greenhouse gases, the researchers concluded. And the result lends more credibility to computer models that trace global warming to greenhouse gases, at least for their ability to forecast what will happen in the tropics, Vecchi said.

Simulations, eh? How about actual research, rather then what are surely biases simulations designed to elicit the response of “it’s Man’s fault?” What we also see is an attempt to validate the computer models constantly used by global warming adherents over real research and data, as many real scientists who are properly skeptical on global warming as Man’s fault eskew and sneer at all these computer models as pure proof. They work really well when predicting the weather, eh?

Consider (again) that the Little Ice Age ended in the mid-1800’s. That is a fact. So, of course things change. The Earth is always in flux. It gets warmer and colder. Methane is released from the ocean beds and from plants. Volcano’s spew greenhouse gases. The Sun is at times stronger and weaker. It is the hight of hubris to believe that Man has had such an effect on the Earth.

Show me some real evidence, and I will believe it.

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    All that HOT AIR comming from the wussies in GREENPECAE why dont they keep their big flapping PIEHOLES shut

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