Sudan: Why Bother?

I’m confused, maybe someone could help me out.

The Hollywooder’s are saying to Bush “Do Something” about the tragedy going on in Sudan. so are many on the Left, as well as many EU countries. Yet what exactly does Sudan mean to the USA?

It isn’t a threat to us. It has no nuclear weapons, nor even long range missiles that could hit the USA. It offers little in the way of strategic value. They never tried to assassinate a former US President. They aren’t developing WMD. They offer little in the way of consumer goods. It’s not even a great place to go for a vacation.

The only thing that they have going for them is violence and ethnic cleansing. People being killed by the truckload. Starvation. Disease. Poor quality of life. But, how does this affect the USA? Why should we step forward and get involved in what will, after all these years, require military action? Diplomacy will not work.

And, just to be clear, and not sound like a heartless scumbag, I do support “doing something” in Sudan. Just like I supported “doing something” in Iraq, and the Balkans. And, with Iran.

But, why does the Left care?

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