Cyclones? Don’t Blame Global Warming

The article’s headline actually states “Don’t Blame Climate Change,” but, I find Climate Change or Global Climate Change to be rediculous terms. They are designed to make sure that any little blip that disagrees with peoples feelings that the Earth is going through man made global warming, such as the Sahara shrinking and Antarctica getting colder, is covered.

Via the Australian Broadcasting Corporation:

Climate change can’t be blamed for any of the events that made the past tropical cyclone season the worst in recent times, a report by a group of international experts says.

“No single high impact tropical cyclone event of 2004 and 2005 can be directly attributed to global warming,” it says in a report submitted to the World Meteorological Organization‘s (WMO) Commission for Atmospheric Sciences, which is meeting in South Africa .

Dr John McBride is a principal research scientist at Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology and reports to the WMO on the effects of climate change on tropical weather.

He is also chair of the international WMO committee that produced the report.

McBride says the report came as an attempt to separate fact from fiction in relation to recent controversy about the role of climate change in producing tropical cyclones.

So here we have a renouned meteorological organization, with a high ranking member delivering the report. How much would you like to bet that Dr. McBride will be dismissed as a crank, along with the report?

It just goes to show that there just isn’t enough hard evidence to support the case for real global warming. Could it be happening? Sure. The Sun has been shown to be putting out more energy over the last 60 years. And the Earth’s environment is always changing. We have had hotter periods and colder periods. The last cooler period ended only a little over 150 years ago. So, of course, if you look at the temperature data, it seems that the Earth is getting warmer. But what is the baseline?

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