The UAE Port Deal: Historical

There once was a country that believed themselves above all others. If people were not from their culture, they were gaiden. You could also say infidels or lower life forms. This culture believed in power. They fought among themselves in their various provinces, as well as with their neighbors constantly. They had different religious beliefs..

The people of this country believed in the doctrine of “never surrender.” Anyone caught in battle was abused horribly because of that belief. Torture of prisoners, both military and civilian, was common. Ritual suicide was not only acceptable for failure, but would be recommended and/or required. Families would be held accountable for the failure of one.

They were aloof, and intrangient. And, one day, they launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Several years later, we dropped the only atomic bombs ever used against another country. We beat them down, and forced compliance. And, today, Japan is an ally and friend of the United States. Like any friend, their are hiccups and issues, but, we are still friends.

The United Arab Emirates has never been an enemy. We have never fought a war with them. And, to hold the entire country responsible for the actions and leanings of a few is absurd. Is the entire USA held as a racist society because of groups like the KKK? The answer would be no. The US Navy trusts the UAE implicitly with their ships.

Yes, there have been some issues with the UAE. But isn’t that the case with all countries? Like with the Japanese, times change. We were once allies with France. Because of France, we were able to win our War of Independence. Now, I would trust the UAE with our ports more then the French.

We were once enemies of Britian. We fought two wars against them. Now, we have a pretty good relationship.

Why not give the UAE the chance? Isn’t that one of America’s biggest ideals? Giving people a fair chance?

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