Arianna Goes On A Rant

She first has a hissy fit over Mary Matalin on Meet The Press, basically because Mary had facts, rather then loon style feelings. So, she has to compare her to what looks like the witch from Sleeping Beauty (sorry, not up that much on my Disney), then has a tizzy over the way she was dressed. Can Arianna be any more petty? Probably, as the rest of the post lays out. Arianna should her true colors with this

The impact of her appearance was to make the whole story seem even less under control than having a beer and shooting your friend in the face. As for what she said, there were so many intelligence-insulting lies and half-truths it’s hard to know where to start.

 OK. Sure. Also, I’m sure it was the whole “timing” thing. The rest that follows is pretty much standard loon rant. All feelings, no facts. Followed by excerpts from other loons. Then she takes her Gulfstream for a flight.

And, like any good Surrender Monkey, she conveniently ignores a few things. Take this, for instance:

 I could go on and on, but to get the full effect, you had to see not just what Mary said, but how she said it. She was dripping with contempt and sarcasm, parroting anything said by the other panelists in a teenage sing-song imitation complete with the liberal use of air quotes. Note to the vice president: if you’re in a situation in which you feel like you need a little more empathy from the American people, and want them to see you as human, you might want to reconsider handing the job to Mary Matalin. It’s hard to believe that the VP’s 29-percent approval rating didn’t plummet by the time her performance was over.

More wackoness, but, take a look at that poll. Gulfstream Arianna forgot some relevant facts:

  • 41% Disapprove of Cheney
  • 29% Approve
  • 29% Don’t know
  • and 1% is missing. Probably foaming at the mouth liberals.

Granted, his approval rating has plummeted, but the “don’t knows have gone way up. His disapproval rating has gone down. 

Also, people approve of the way Cheney handled the shooting affair 52-42%, and 56% of the people polled think he has nothing to hide (39% think he was hiding something.) But, really, does anyone care what his approval rating is? Grandmaster D is a gruff, rough guy. But he is also someone who gets things done, and doesn’t worry about feelings, which is a double knock on him from the Loons.

And, finally: Mary Matalin’s performance was universally panned in the blogosphere. But the only links I see are from other Surrender Monkey sites. No Conservatives or Libertarians, AH? Apparently, universally panned means only looking at the loon sites. Probably because they are all in sheeple mode. I have said before and I will say again: all the Left sites pretty much say the same thing. They have the same takes, and deal soley with the same dumb issues.

Consider that the largest story in the Right-O-sphere is the Mohammed cartoon violence and the other aspects of that story. In the Left Loon-O-Sphere, it is on Mary Matalin and how she dressed.

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