Cheney’s Got A Gun

Y’all do know that Grandmaster D was just trying to establish his street cred, right?

Meanwhile, the DU loons are really upset. Na, not about Cheney, I looked, and it was standard seething. They are worried about zoo’s

Chimpymustgo: Does anyone else wonder about the morality of zoos?  I know the zoos provide education and entertainment many children and many others. But I always leave feeling a little sad. Anyone else?

foreverdem: I feel the same, basically. It’s really great that children, and adults for that matter, get a chance to see animals they would probably not get a chance to see any other way. But like you, I wonder about the consequences to these animals of not being in their natural habitat, constant exposure to gawking, sometimes antagonistic people, possible mistreatment, or being in an environment that is really not the proper size for them.

I don’t go to the zoo anymore, I leave depressed.

Book Lover: I don’t wonder – I outright don’t approve of them.

Chimpymustgo: That’s part of what I feel too: it’s degrading to the animals, being on display. Stared at, pointed at. And some of them are so lethargic, I worry that they are depressed.

MountainLaurel: Actually, I don’t like zoos at all, really. They make me cry.

It’s no wonder so many of this wacko’s need mental treatment after their loss on 11/2/2004. Still waiting for them to move. Hasn’t happened yet.

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6 Responses to “Cheney’s Got A Gun”

  1. Chief RZ says:

    Before these type people worry about lower animals, they should worry about and protect the 1,000,000 human beings killed yearly in the USA by mostly women when they crush their babys’ heads and suck out the rest of the tissues. Disgusting and misplaced worried.

  2. But libs do not think they are babies till they are actually born. Sometimes not even then. So they do not see it as murder. It is about the same as taking care of a wart.

  3. scrapiron says:

    It’s no longer a mystery. I know where all those kicked out of college for cheating (and flunkies) go. They all become democratic politicians and/or left wing bloggers. Those that fail the entry exams become MSM reporters and the high school dropouts go to the Zoo and get a sickly feeling because the poor animals are being housed, fed and provided medical care instead of being shot by some native in a loin cloth in their home country. Now we can all let up and just show them we really pity them. Maybe even start some nationwide pity parties. Na, that would be a waste of time, they already use funeral for that.

  4. Jo's Cafe says:

    Tuesday Specials

  5. Stacy says:

    I’m suddenly questioning my belief system; that’s how I feel about the zoo. Last thing I want to have is a common thought with the left.

    Oh, and, back on the air. 🙂

  6. “Last thing I want to have is a common thought with the left.”

    Imagine the mixed feelings I had yesterday when I saw a huge jump in my stats and then realized it came from the Democratic Underground (on the “Top 9 Reasons Dick Cheney Shot His Hunting Partner” post).

    I checked back later and saw an even bigger jump in hits and then realized it came from Daily Kos for the same post.

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