Slowly Working My Way To WordPress

Sooner or later, going to switch. While I like Typepad, there are soem great features and they make it very easy to blog, there are some things that I am just too restricted in, unless I make major changes. It does have a really great point, which is the uploading and storage of pictures, as well as the Typelist system. The Typelists allow for great info without clogging up a sidebar PHP. See that Patriotic Pinup thang on the left, or the Archives with the drop downs? You won’t find that in the source code, cause it is in a Typelist.

However, I will pay $120 a year with Dream Host, free domain name for life. And, I got a deal where the first year was $10. Yup, $10. Lots of storage, lots of bandwith. 10 minute installs of WordPress, didn’t have to do a thing. If you sign up, tell ’em I sent ya!

Now, they aren’t finished yet, but here is where the American Flag League will be and here is the Pirate’s Cove. I still have to domain map, and, FYI, ncdevil refers to me living in North Carolina and being a NJ Devils fan.

Thanks to Basil for letting me bend his internet ear (and whine at him) lately. Others with WordPress, such as Janette, Nettie, and Beth, y’all are next up. Mwahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

Now, trackbacks are interesting. Beth uses a plugin that is no longer available from the original website for inline trackbacks. So, I went a-huntin’ I will go, a-huntin I will go, and found that waskely wabbit. Check out Slobokan’s Site of Schtuff, has a great, and increadibly easy, plugin. Also, he has lots of my favorite bloggers on his list. Kudos, Slobokan!!!!! A million thanks.

Let me know what you think. Especially the head for the Pirate’s Cove. Now sure I like it that small.

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2 Responses to “Slowly Working My Way To WordPress”

  1. beth says:

    I’ve been thinking of moving too – I am going to move actually. I can’t decide which one to move to 🙁

  2. beth says:

    It’s very neat and clean over there. I like this header though. I think the other is a little too neat and clean for a pirate.

    You asked for opinions – that’s mine 🙂

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