How’s Air Deadbeat Doing?

Well, about the same. Let’s take a look at the Summer 2005 ratings for a few

  • New York City: still #24, with a 1.2 rating. No change.
  • San Fransisco: neither is rated
  • Boston: WKOX is #36 with a .2, WXKS is slightly better with a .5
  • Washington, DC: Dead last, no rating to speak of.
  • Chicago: a whopping .7
  • Madison: a 2.3
  • Los Angelos: .9
  • Seattle: 2.0

Meanwhile, Rush and Hannity kick Air America’s Deadbeats ass day in and day out. Heck, Neal Boortz kicks the crap out of Air Deadbeat. His station, WSB AM750 which also features Clarke Howard from 1-4 and Sean Hannity from 4-7, consistently is over 9. Summer 2005 was a 9.2 WWAA, the AD affiliate, no rating to speak of. They had been at .7 in the 2nd quarter.

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6 Responses to “How’s Air Deadbeat Doing?”

  1. joated says:

    I’m not a marketing expert, but I do wonder how Air Deadbeat can stay on the air. With now listeners, they can’t attract advertisers other than the lame lefty political ones. And for how long would even they continue to pour dough down the donut hole? Of course there are a lot more Boys and Girls Clubs out there they haven’t tapped into yet.

  2. They have lots of sugar daddies. Plus, they solicit donations. I have never heard a radio station (other then religious ones) solicit money for themselves. My bet is they are gone by april.

  3. donsurber says:

    Actually, Err America has no sugar daddies. It has a sugar Boys and Girls Club
    Ratings don’t matter
    You could make a bundle with a 1.2 rating in NYC
    OK, your ad revenue would be low, but so would your costs. AA spreads salaries across its network. And I doubt talent charges that much. What is Garofolo (sp.) gonna charge? Not many roles left for Beatnik Girl. And Franken uses it to plug his books
    So you get crappy revenues but you pay even less and you make $$$
    On the other hand, you can lose your shirt with a No. 1 show if you have to overpay your talent

  4. basil's blog says:

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  5. Don, they are making jack squat with that 1.2 in NYC. It’s actually a lower rating than when the station, WLIB, was a Caribbean niche outlet. Franken gets paid $1 million per, Garofalo probably is earning somewhere in the low/mid six figure range, and Rhodes probably signed for more than that, since she was already an established radio talker with solid ratings in her Florida market before signing with Air Idiot.

    Combine that with the fact they have to PAY a number of their “affiliates” to carry their programming, and the only reason they haven’t folded already is a steady infusion of invester (like Real Networks’ Glazer) dollars. If that spigot gets turned off, they’re toast within thirty days of when the money stops coming.

  6. donsurber says:

    A million for Franken?
    I said you COULD make money on it. Being libs, they believe in subsidies to stations that should be paying them

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