Gulfstream Lib Laurie David Is Back

Now, while I may agree, at least to some degree with what environmentalist Laurie David wants, a cleaner planet, lower CO2 emissions, etc, it is hard to take her seriously. This is the woman who screams invectives at people driving SUV’s, yet cruises the world in her private jet. Nor does it help that she is posting at the Huffington Post, started by Arianna, of course, who is also a Gulfstream Lib, and SUV hater.

Now, Laurie has an issue with Ford

Dear Mr. Ford: You are spending an enormous amount of money on an ad campaign touting your company’s commitment to “innovation” and “fuel economy” — but no one is taking you seriously. Let me explain why: as long as you continue to sue state governments — 11 and counting — for their heroic attempts at reducing global warming emissions, you will be viewed as the bad guy. You can call yourself “innovators” but the truth is that you are aggressively suing to stop real innovation.

It’s never good enough for these liberals. Give them an inch, they want the proverbial mile, or should that be Kilometer? You know how they love European stuff.

She did get one thing right, though. But, she ends on a standard booga booga note

This is not about sacrifice, Mr. Ford. And it is not about Americans not being able to own SUVs or trucks. This is about change. Thirty-thousand Americans would still be employed this Christmas season if Detroit had had the vision others had, a decade ago, to make cars that use less gas. A new study published this week in the journal Science confirms that there is more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere now than in the last 650,000 years. Doesn’t that terrify you? It should.

She was partially right about the loss of the jobs, but, all the touchy feely scare tactics are part of the reason that environmentalists are not taken as seriously as what they are fighting for should be. Nor does the hypocrisy of Laurie flying around in her private jet help.

If they would stop the hysterics and accusations, well, hey, maybe people would take them seriously, and they could get the message out that global warming is real. Then, maybe we could get to the question "how much effect does Man have on global warming?" Even if the answer is none to little, we could still work towards a cleaner environment. Nothing wrong with that!

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One Response to “Gulfstream Lib Laurie David Is Back”

  1. Ogre says:

    Huh? So if Ford made cars that cost more because they were more environmentally friendly and used less gas, there would be MORE Ford employees?

    I always wonder with these fruitcakes if they honestly do not have a clue about how capitalism and economic works, or if they just don’t care.

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