Warmists Get Children To Sing Little Ditty About Not Needing No CO2

It sure seems like child abuse to teach children that they are doomed and brainwash them (via Climate Depot, which has lots of videos)

Children “Astronauts” Awarded by Bonn and UN for Climate Song

The Mayor of Bonn and the UN awarded a group of young pupils a prize for best childrens’s global climate change song today for a performance that helped build awareness and commitment among young people in the run up to the Paris Climate Change Conference. Their catchy winning song was “Climate Astronauts”!

The children from Gottfried Kinkel Primary School in Bonn, Germany, took home the award for best children’s song in the 2015 Global Youth Music Contest, which was organized by the International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges, in cooperation with UNESCO and the United Nations Climate Change secretariat.

Let’s look at some of the lyrics

We are astronauts, and we can see
We are astronauts, what’s good for you
We are astronauts, no plastic bags
We are astronauts, don’t waste the food
We are astronauts, turn out the lights
We are astronauts, in the night
We are astronauts, don’t need no cars
We are astronauts, we go by bike

We are climate, climate astronauts
We are climate, climate astronauts

So, no cars, eh? I wonder how much they would whine if their parents refused to drive them to a play date? But, really, you know this had to be written by adults, and look at the first two lines “we can see…what’s good for you.” Seems eerily reminiscent of what I’ve been telling you about Warmists, who are part of the overall Progressive movement: this is nice fascism, meaning that The Government knows what is best for you, and will force you to comply. Free will? Not so much in Warmist World.

Other lines include We don’t need no CO2 and don’t need no bath, along with we go by feet. You can bet these little brainwashed rug rats will want their own fossil fueled vehicle the minute they can legally drive.

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2 Responses to “Warmists Get Children To Sing Little Ditty About Not Needing No CO2”

  1. gbear says:

    Why are little German school children singing the propaganda in English?

  2. Good point.

    I love the main singer spassing around like she’s on some serious drugs.

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