Gun Grabber States Consider Requiring Insurance

Just more proof that this debate is about doing everything possible to burden legal gun owners with draconian rules while failing to go after criminals with guns

(NY Times) Both sides in a nation sharply divided over guns seem to agree on at least one thing: a bigger role for the insurance industry in a heavily armed society. But just what that role should be, and whether insurers will choose to accept it, are much in dispute.

By “both sides”, do writers Michael Cooper and Mary Williams Walsh mean liberals and Progressives? Actually, what they’re referring to is that groups like the NRA and United States Concealed Carry Association recommend and/or offer insurance for gun owners. The difference here is that it is voluntary, while many gun grabber States would make insurance mandatory, and you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be expensive and burdensome.

Lawmakers in at least half a dozen states, including California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania, have proposed legislation this year that would require gun owners to buy liability insurance — much as car owners are required to buy auto insurance. Doing so would give a financial incentive for safe behavior, they hope, as people with less dangerous weapons or safety locks could qualify for lower rates.

So, if you’re a tiny woman and want a scary looking gun with a collapsible stock which makes it easier to hold, say, a Bushmaster .223, you’re rates would be sky high (hey, you can always vomit on yourself instead to stop a rapist!). But, if you buy a Vepr-Pioneer .223, which is harder to hold for a small woman, you can save money. As for safe behavior, will that include insurance agents and law enforcement making random and un-announced visits?

“I believe that if we get the private sector and insurance companies involved in gun safety, we can help prevent a number of gun tragedies every year,” said David P. Linsky, a Democratic state representative in Massachusetts who wants to require gun owners to buy insurance. He believes it will encourage more responsible behavior and therefore reduce accidental shootings. “Insurance companies are very good at evaluating risk factors and setting their premiums appropriately,” he added.

What about criminals who engage in violence with guns, Mr. Linksy? Like most of the gun grabbers, Linsky is silent on that point. And all that this gun grabbing will do is make law abiding citizens more prone to being the recipients of criminal behavior. Don’t worry, though, because law enforcement will be around sometime after the assault to…check to make sure you have all your guns locked up tight and your insurance is in order.

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Comment by john
2013-02-22 11:37:26

what next???? Licenses for DOGS ??? They already took away our freedoms to have RPGs when will the hurting stop?

Comment by john
2013-02-22 12:28:38

4000 military veterans kill themselves each year with guns. Should we try and control this behavior?

Comment by gitarcarver
2013-02-22 13:07:34

4000 military veterans kill themselves each year with guns. Should we try and control this behavior?

Maybe we should, john.

The VA is underfunded and understaffed. Its wait time for treatment is now the longest in the history of the existence of the federally funded department. Yet Obama is looking to cut money for the VA and support programs.

You don’t want to deal with the real root of the problem.

Why do you hate veterans so much john? Why don’t you want to support them?

Comment by William Teach
2013-02-22 14:28:44

I’m not sure why John would care about the suicides, it’s not like liberals are really concerned with deaths (abortion)

Comment by hockeydad
2013-02-22 15:07:05

“Insurance companies are very good at evaluating risk factors and setting their premiums appropriately,” he added.

Interesting that they can figure out how to set premiums for gun ownership but can’t seem to do that for health care. I thought insurance companies were all evil and stuff.

Comment by William Teach
2013-02-22 15:58:05

Well, they’re good at it on their and then Government gets involved and skyrockets the price.


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