Climate Change: The Skeptics Case In 12 Minutes

This is a long video (12 minutes, obviously), but well worth the watch

This is accompanied by a link to Dr. David M.W. Evans’ website with charts and graphs and data and facts. Like me, Mr. Evans used to be a Believer, and is now a Climate Realist. He is showing that all the climate models are pretty much mule fritters. Something we’ve all know for a while now.

PS: this in no way means that the global climate didn’t warm post-Little Ice Age (it has) nor should it conclude that we are headed for a cool period.

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Comment by gitarcarver
2013-02-22 11:29:37

Two GREAT quotes from the end of this video:

“The skeptical view is compatible with the data.”

And “…tells you that the ‘debate’ is about politics and power and not about science and truth.”

This is a great find Teach. Thanks for posting it. I plan on linking or using it or whatever that is called. :)

Comment by john
2013-02-22 11:34:53

US Navy says that the climate is changing and changing FAST.
US Navy Chief Oceanographer Rear Admiral Tilley
Teach is he one of the warmists that you mock ? No doubt he does ride in a fossil fueled car.

Comment by gitarcarver
2013-02-22 13:04:54

US Navy Chief Oceanographer Rear Admiral Tilley

Notice how john doesn’t address the issues in Evans’ video, but chooses to go back to a talk in 2010. Since that time, we have learned much about how the data doesn’t fit, how the IPCC forged and changed documents, and how data was hidden, lost or directly changed.

This wasn’t even a “nice deflection” on your part, john. Your response is transparently pathetic.

Comment by William Teach
2013-02-22 13:57:46

John isn’t real big on facts, but he does prove time and time again that AGW is a political issue.

Comment by John Silver
2013-03-01 07:25:14

Do not deny man-made global warming: I have done it myself!


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