Whew! “Marco Rubio’s Water Flap Shall Pass”

Our long national nightmare is over!

(Politico) Sen. Marco Rubio’s inopportune case of cotton mouth during his State of the Union response may slow his rapidly rising stock, but will likely have no little lingering impact on his 2016 prospects, Republican operatives said Wednesday.

“The water moment did not bother me,” said Republican strategist Bruce Haynes, of Purple Strategies. “I thought it made him human. Washington types will snort and buzz about it but it probably made the average voter smile. And for Republicans, making voters smile is a welcome change of pace.”

I really, really wanted to ignore this non-story story. It is much ado about nothing. Of course, this nothing burger allows the 90% liberal media to focus on anything other than what Rubio’s message in response to Obama’s SOTU was about. And highlights exactly why the media is worthless. The morons at CNN (which would have no ratings without airports and company break rooms) actually put up a graphic wondering if drinking water was a career ender, then said “it was a joke“.

Then Maggie Haberman finds all sorts of squishy Republicans who show “concern” over the response and the water moment. Let’s see: Rubio had a sip of water. Obama is unable to complete a sentence or speech, especially off teleprompter, without a constant litany of ums, ahs, ers, and other pause words.

Strange how no one in the media wonders about this.

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3 Responses to “Whew! “Marco Rubio’s Water Flap Shall Pass””

  1. john says:

    Rubio also uses a teleprompter frequently, in fact he used one WHILE criticizing Obama’s use of them http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/02/18/rubio-slams-obamas-telepr_n_467180.html

  2. gitarcarver says:

    Wow john, in looking to slam Rubio, you only proved you can’t read.

    From the very article you cited:

    It was unclear whether the devices were placed there for him or for other speakers at the Conservative Political Action Committee conference, or CPAC, at which he was a keynote speaker.

  3. gumball_brains says:

    The morons at CNN (which would have no ratings without airports and company break rooms)


    I also cringed when he started mopping up the sweat and raking at his drying up mouth. I actually felt bad for him. His time in the international spotlight and he was showing his naivete and humanity. He was not showing that he was a established and consummate politician. I’m glad too that he got on top of it and helped to make fun of himself. He’s now gifting bottles of water for donations to a charity. Brilliant.

    I know I’d be dying up there under the hot lights. I’d prolly faint or have to go to the hospital from stomach cramps.

    Good on him.

    However, I felt Rand Paul did MUCH better at telling us the truth and the DIRECTION than Rubio and NMP.

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