TTLF: Virginia To Be A Target Of The Open Borders Crowd

Maybe they should just give lots of beer to them

Virginia Republicans yesterday said they will push five proposals next year in the General Assembly aimed at illegal aliens.

The measures would require sheriffs to confirm an arrested person’s legal status in the United States through the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement database and every jail to have a person certified to detain illegals during the deportation process. Republicans also want to make a federal conviction for hiring illegals grounds for suspension of a business license, bar people from attending state universities unless they have a valid student visa and make them ineligible for bail.

"Honest, law-abiding Virginia taxpayers have had enough," said Senate Majority Leader Walter A. Stosch, Henrico Republican. "The time has arrived when we can no longer count on the federal government. In Virginia, we will have to step up and take actions that will preserve the integrity of the delivery of state services, ensuring that they go only to legal residents."

Great ideas. Of course, the "let’s not be too hasty and deal with law breakers harshly" crowd is going to have issues. In Virginia, I wonder who?

Gov. Timothy Kaine (D-Va) has said that job belongs to the federal government and the cost would be too much of a financial burden on the state, which is projected to have a $641 million budget shortfall by next summer.

Maybe if the Virginia gov’t spent the money they take from the legal residents at the point of a jail cell wisely, and took an active interest in the welfare of more then those they keep in welfare, they would have plenty of money. It really is hilarious (but not funny) that even at the State gov’t level, liberals rely solely on los Federales to take care of them.

I fail to see how safeguarding the Virginia residents, which is really the main point of government, can ever be too much of a financial burden.

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