T(Insane)LF: Truthers Upset With History Channel

I gotta say, the History did an excellent job of not only debunking so many of the 9/11 myths, but also in making the Truthers and their movement look like raving lunatics. Can it get any better then the guys who made Loose Change sitting around in their bedroom with the blinds all closed, redoing their film to fit the facts that they said were absolute but turned out not so much.

Can you believe these nutters actually thing that the phone calls from Flight 93 were faked? Among all the other things that they are shown as people in need of commitment papers for. I mean, you’ve got them yelling at people who lost friends and family while at the 5 year anniversary get together. Sickness.

Let’s see some of that sickness, shall we?

  • Here is the e-mail I sent to the History Channel after viewing this shit tonight (followed by typical stupidity) First, you introduced bias when you had supposed experts that did not address scientifically an analysis of the events. For example, they were repeatedly referred to by use of the phrase, "conspiracy theorist". This biases the programs’ validity. A more correct phrase might simple be "theorist". The scientific basis for the twin towers collapse was addressed by the theorists in describing the temperature created by the jet fuel burning at a maximum of 1800 degrees F, and the 47 steel shafts in each of the two twin towers and the temperature needed to melt that steel (27,000 degrees F for a sustained period of time.) The temperatures attained as explained by one of the "experts" was between 600 and 1100 degrees F and the duration of the fires less than an hour and a half for one of the towers and one hour for the other. Why were these people referred to as "experts"? Scientific analysis of the black and grey smoke supposedly coming from the fire areas show incomplete combustion at lower temperatures than the sustained temperatures needed needed for melting and collapsing the steel.
  • The MSM has NEVER dealt honestly with the coup on JFK . ..so why expect them to deal honestly with 9/11 — ???
  • Did they discuss the ISI connection at all ? Or Huffman Aviation? n/t
  • talk about propaganda this is tough to watch.


  • History Channel 9/11 Conspiracies? I love the History Channel, but I cant believe what I am watching.

    Who is this F-IN Jim Meigs? Popular Mechanics spouting a bunch of crap, and this punk Devin Coburn …what an ignorant creep.

    I can already see where this show is heading to, trying to dismiss the true facts of 9/11
    with their official Government findings, that actually were never fully investigated.

    Jesus F-IN christ, that punk cant even explain how Bldg 7 fell, and he is an expert at
    Popular Mechanics?

    He just calls anyone that refutes the official finding a conspiracy nut, so they must
    be a whacko.

    Bldg 6 exploded about 20-30minutes before the Twin Towers fell, they dont mention that…….


  • How much evidence will they show……or will the whole program be a slanderfest? I can’t wait!
  • 30 minutes in and……..not one factual debunking so far! Just belittling the movement!
  • I watched for about 35min….Then turned that shit off.
  • things the Documentary didn’t bring up Neil Bush connected to security of WTC

    the video which showed the owner of WTC7 saying bring it down (proving this nut did not actually watch it)

    the Bin Laudins flown out special

  • I hope they get a whole lot of response! However I fear that most Americans who saw it will be suckered in and accept their BS!

Yeah, OK. I assume the lack of in depth commenting or coverage on the lefty sites is because they had their fingers in their ears going "la la la la la la." If you want to see more Truther insanity, the DU has an entire topic devoted to September 11, which is, of course, entirely filled with conspiracy.

For those who missed it, it will repeat Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at midnight (eastern time)

Anyhow, Captain Ed is asking "what is the silliest moment of the show?"

Free from meeting update: Hot Air has video of that wacky InfoWars guy, plus finds the Prison Planet Truthers in an uproar.

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