Glaciar Surfing, Dudes!

All I have to say is "brrrrrrrrrrrr!"

From NBC-10

A surfing team from Hawaii flew to Child’s Glacier in south-central Alaska recently to give it a try.

When pieces of the glacier break off and fall into the Copper River, it produces tsunamis that reach as high as 25 feet and travel about 300 yards.

Surfers can ride these waves for up to a minute.

However, the surfers said the real trick is waiting in the icy water for hours for a hunk of glacier to fall.

I bet. No sure if it is worth it, but, fun to watch!

Personally, when the water gets so cold that you have to put headgear on, I’ll take a break till warmer water returns.

More: heh heh. Allahpundit’s got it too.

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Comment by beth
2007-08-18 16:26:29

Don’t those dudes know they should be buying carbon offsets instead surfing in the end of the world!

Comment by William Teach
2007-08-18 17:12:07

Ride the walrus! (Futurama reference)


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