Pro-Hamas Forces Block Bridges And Airports Days After Iran Attacked Israel

I certainly hope none of the Democrat voters in these areas are complaining: the Islamic terrorism helpers hold the same pro-terrorist and anti-Jew/Israel opinions

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators shut down airport highways and key bridges in major U.S. cities

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators blocked roadways in Illinois, California, New York and the Pacific Northwest on Monday, temporarily shutting down travel into some of the nation’s most heavily used airports, onto the Golden Gate and Brooklyn bridges and on a busy West Coast highway.

In Chicago, protesters linked arms and blocked lanes of Interstate 190 leading into O’Hare International Airport around 7 a.m. in a demonstration they said was part of a global “economic blockade to free Palestine,” according to Rifqa Falaneh, one of the organizers.

Traffic in the San Francisco Bay Area was snarled for hours as demonstrators shut down all vehicle, pedestrian and bike traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge and chained themselves to 55-gallon drums filled with cement across Interstate 880 in Oakland. Protesters marching into Brooklyn blocked Manhattan-bound traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge. In Eugene, Oregon, protesters blocked Interstate 5, shutting down traffic on the major highway for about 45 minutes. (snip)

Near Seattle, the Washington State Department of Transportation said a demonstration closed the main road to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Social media posts showed people holding a banner and waving Palestinian flags while standing on the highway. State authorities urged people to use light rail instead.

The Palestinian areas like Gaza would be just fine if they didn’t back a U.S. State Department designated terrorist organization. They’d be fine if the terrorist organization didn’t wantonly attack civilians in Israel, raping, torturing, and killing them. If they didn’t constantly fire rockets, for which Hamas dug up water lines to make them. If the Palestinians stopped Hamas from using civilian buildings like hospitals as weapons storage and command and control centers. If they stopped Hamas from digging all those tunnels.

And, the cops arrested lots of folks at these Islamist protests, but, we know they’ll simply be released with no charges.

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7 Responses to “Pro-Hamas Forces Block Bridges And Airports Days After Iran Attacked Israel”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    One sector of society builds and uses roads, bridges, buildings. Another part tears them down or blocks them.

    The funny part is, how would those protestors get to their protest if a different protest blocked THEIR route?

  2. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host got it absolutely right. The ‘protesters’ and their oh-so-sympathetic sycophants call themselves ‘pro-Palestinian’, but they are really pro-Hamas.

    Sadly, this is nothing new. The weak-minded and the left — please pardon the redundancy — have always been susceptible to the claims of the revolutionaries, from sympathy for the Communists, as witnessed by Walter Duranty’s sycophancy in reporting from the early Stalinist USSR, to the support for the Sandinistas and Mao Zedong and the Viet Cong, without ever learning the lesson that, if the revolutionaries win, their promises will evaporate like smoke, and result in the gulags and concentration camps and dictatorial rule.

    Can there be anything either funnier or more pathetic than “Queers for Palestine,” when we already know what Islamist government does to queers? At least Chick-fil-A used cows in their ads to encourage people to “eat mor chikin”; “Queers for Palestine” is like “Chickens for KFC.” But the idiots and the left — again, please pardon the redundancy — love them some revolutionaries!

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) urges Americans take matters into their own hands and throw other American protesters off the bridges and to tear their skin off if they’re glued to anything.

    Pro-Palestinian is not necessarily Pro-Hamas or pro-terrorism. Some are pro-stupid and/or pro-anything unpopular. Many are pro-Two State solution, that is, establishing a Palestinian homeland unoccupied by Israel. Some are anti-genocide.

    Anyway, sadly, this is nothing new. The weak-minded and the right — please pardon the redundancy — have always been susceptible to simple, dichotomous thinking – easy “solutions” for complex issues. William Teach is no different.

    The American nu-right – not so different from the old-right when it comes to bigotry – hates Muslims and Arabs while holding many of the Islamic fundamentalist beliefs.

    The US, UK and several of Israel’s Arab allies risked lives for Israel deflecting Iran’s missile attack. Will the America Second Republicans vote to replace what our military expended in the defense of Israel? Should taxpayers invest another $100 million to defend Israel?

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Pro-Putinists in the US (aka MAGAts) continue to support the killing of Ukrainian children, women, men and dogs. Tens of thousands of brave Ukrainian troops, and over 10,000 civilians have been killed by American MAGAts.

    Putin controls Congress via Fat Donnie and the slavish likes of Marjorie Toady Greene (R-Moscow) and Thomas Massie (R-Black Sea).

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Karen (aka Rimjob) never runs out of imaginary memes to whine and bitch about.

      Keep on queefing, gurl.

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