Climate Cult Super Upset That NY Lobbyists “Aiding And Abetting” Climate Doom

It’s almost like the cultists are upset that people have free speech and free will, that they will not comply

New York lobbyists ‘aiding and abetting’ climate crisis, research reveals

New research reveals that dozens of New York universities, hospitals, museums and non-profits are employing lobbyists that also work for fossil fuel companies, which some say is blatantly “aiding and abetting” climate crisis.

New York’s wealthiest lobbying firms work double-duty in the state capital, representing the political interests of both the victims and perpetrators of the climate crisis, according to a new report from F Minus, a database of state-level lobbying disclosures released last year, and LittleSis, a project created by the non-profit corporate and government accountability watchdog Public Accountability Initiative.

The report analyzed the client rosters of six of the top lobbying firms in New York, revealing how the state’s cultural, business and educational leaders – many of whom tout their commitment to slowing climate crisis – are quietly linked to the fossil fuel industry.

Zoinks, the companies are doing their jobs? How weird. And what makes the climate cultists think they can dictate how those companies operate? It’s almost like they’re Fascists

Tobacco-Free Kids Action Fund, a non-profit that offers education on the deadly health effects of cigarette smoke inhalation, works with the same New York-based lobbying firm as Koch Industries, known for its prolific history of climate denial and pollution of American air and water.

And? So what? Mind your own damned business.

The New Museum, which currently exhibits a series of paintings featuring endangered plants and animals, employs the same lobbying firm as BP America and the Williams Companies, the largest operator of gas pipelines in the country.

“You have schools like NYU scrutinizing the energy efficiency of every single lightbulb on campus, but then they turn around and hire the same firms that represent the people who are causing the climate crisis,” said James Browning, executive director of F Minus.

Still not your business. Why don’t they go after the Elites, like John Kerry, Biden, Obama, Hollywood celebs, etc, who are massive climahypocrites?

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2 Responses to “Climate Cult Super Upset That NY Lobbyists “Aiding And Abetting” Climate Doom”

  1. ST says:

    EGYPT SHOWS HOW IT’S DONE – Egypt Is Building a HUGE Border Wall Right Next to Gaza Strip – Video

  2. Professor Hale says:

    It’s the same thing they did for everyone who worked for Trump. Try to get his lawyers disbarred on the basis that defending Trump was unethical, as well as for Trump to defend himself is defamation against his accuser. Get his cabinet appointees shouted out of restaurants. Accuse his supreme court nominees of being rapists (if they are male). Jail his accountants and General Flynn.

    The real kicker thought is when the same people who are jailing Trump supporters whine and complain that Putin jailed one of his political opponents. They truly have no self-awareness.

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