Sanctuary State Illinois To Spend Another $250 Million On Illegals

Gee, I wonder what the state could do with that money to help the actual citizens, but, hey, the majority voted for this kind of insanity

Illinois pumping $250M more in taxpayer funds to help illegal migrants in Chicago

The state of Illinois and Cook County have announced plans to allocate up to an additional $252 million to house, feed and provide other services to illegal immigrants arriving in Chicago this year – although Chicago’s progressive Mayor Brandon Johnson appears to be holding out on committing more funds to the ongoing crisis, at least for now.

Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker has pledged around $182 million while Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle has committed up to $70 million more for the joint funding plan to ensure migrants sent to Chicago from the Texas border shelter will have access to wraparound services and healthcare.

It comes on top of the state committing $160 million in November to illegal immigrants to “welcome, shelter, and independence.” That commitment was in addition to the $478 million the state has spent since the start of the response, according to a press release. (snip)

“With thousands of asylum seekers continuing to come to Chicago in desperate need of support and with Congress continuing to refuse to act—it is clear the state, county, and city will have to do more to keep people safe,” Pritzker said in a statement. “I’m thankful to President Preckwinkle for working with us to help close this budget gap and maintain critical services in the year ahead.”

I think it’s time to start raising taxes in SSIl. All those citizens who voted for Democrats will have no problem with this, right? All those business owners who’ll see their tax rate climb will stick around and not pass the higher costs on to customers, right?

Also, Texas gov Greg Abbott should start shipping illegals to the state capitol of Springfield. Like thousands.

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