Quiet News: Sanctuary State New York Giving Illegals Welfare

Well, most Democrat voters should have no problem with spending their tax money on illegals rather than downtrodden Americans, right? All those who are downtrodden, well, they voted for this…well, they actually voted for it to happen Somewhere Else…so, they should have no complaints

Thousands of migrants in NY quietly collecting ‘welfare’ through Hochul rule change

surprise surprise surpriseThe Hochul administration is quietly using taxpayer dollars to gift cash payments to thousands of migrants who don’t qualify for typical welfare assistance, The Post has learned.

The cash windfall was made possible by the state Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance modifying its “Safety Net Assistance” program’s eligibility rules in May to include non-citizens with pending applications for legal asylum status.

The announcement was made through an under-the-radar message the agency sent out to social services agencies across the state.

The OTDA declined to reveal how many migrants have received SNA checks, but estimates that 90% of New York’s current migrant population won’t see additional benefits under the rule change.

With more than 173,000 migrants coming to the Big Apple since spring 2022, if only 10% of migrants here are eligible for SNA payments, the number of recipients could exceed 17,000 in NYC alone.

They’re saying it’s just a small number of illegals, but, they’re already getting a huge amount of assistance, and you know that it will all grow and grow. Right now, illegal aliens and their illegal kids are costing SSNY almost $10 billion. They’re costing Texas over $13 billion, so, no wonder Texas wants them out.

And with wages already not keeping up with inflation

(Daily Caller) The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects that the ongoing surge in immigration, both legal and illegal, will put “downward pressure” on inflation-adjusted wages through 2034, according to a recently released report.

The downward effect on real wages will continue until 2027, at which point it will “partially reverse,” with immigration still expected to cause average real wages to be lower in 2034 than they otherwise would be, according to CBO. CBO did predict some positive impacts of immigration, as well, such as increased GDP growth and an expanded labor force.

The surge in new workers is expected to reduce the amount of available capital, resources like factories or machinery, per worker, as well as work in low paying areas of the economy, both of which will exert a downward pressure on wages, according to CBO. The impact of these variables will decline over time as CBO expects additional capital to be built and workers to gain more skills.

But, we’ve been reliably told that illegals generate revenue and are a positive on the economy.

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