Warmist Taylor Swift Threatens College Student Who Tracks Elites Use Of Private Jets

It’s long been known that Taylor Swift is a massive climahypocrite. How much in the way of fossil fuels does it take to put on one of her massive concerts, from moving Taylor and crew and all the props and clothes and amps and stuff to all the Swifties coming to the concerts in fossil fueled vehicles. Oh, and her use of private jets

Taylor Swift threatens college student with legal action after tracking her private jet

Taylor Swift’s lawyers have issued a cease and desist letter to a college computer programming student who uses public flight data to monitor the private jet usage of several high-profile figures.

The letter was reportedly sent to Jack Sweeney, a student at the University of Central Florida, who was briefly suspended from X – formally known as Twitter – in December 2022 after he tracked Elon Musk’s plane.

According to reports, the programmer is facing similar accusations of “stalking and harassing behaviour” for tracking the flights of Swift’s private jet.

“Firstly I’d like to clarify that my intentions are not to cause harm,” Sweeney told The Independent in a statement. “I actually like some of her songs”.

The student went on to defend his actions claiming a “public interest” argument, insisting that the pop star should “reasonably expect” the jet to be tracked since the Japanese embassy participated in an online discussion about whether Swift would be able to fly from her Toyko concert to Las Vegas in time for the Super Bowl.

Like most climate elites, she doesn’t like it when people call her out. And, really, as Sweeney has stated, all her flights are public record. And he doesn’t seem to be backing down, just like he didn’t back down to Elon Musk.


Taylor Swift quietly downsizes to one private jet

Taylor Swift is down to one private jet.

The singer parted ways with her Dassault Falcon 900 on January 30, according to the Federal Aviation Authority’s website.

The jet had previously been listed under SATA LLC, a company with the same address as Taylor Swift Productions in Nashville, according to Tennessee Secretary of State documents. Swift’s holding company acquired the Dassault Falcon 900 in 2009, per FAA data.

That jet has a price tag of $44 million. Is she playing a shell game, and will actually still travel in it, or, is it actually gone? She still has her Dassault 7X, which is a bigger plane and starts at $54 million, and can travel almost 6,000 nautical miles, enough to go from Tokyo to Las Vegas directly, though, most likely would fly into Alaska from Japan then down to LV.

If Swift doesn’t use her 7X plane to get to Tokyo for this week’s string of concerts, fans have wondered how she’ll travel to the Super Bowl this weekend in Las Vegas to cheer on her boyfriend, Travis Kelce. Most likely, she’ll charter a private plane.

The singer has faced backlash for her private-jet usage in the past. In 2022, Swift topped a list of celebrities with the most private-jet carbon emissions. Last year, BI reported that the singer’s private jets spent more than 166 hours in flight during the initial US leg of her Eras tour.

Swift’s spokesperson previously told BI the singer had purchased carbon credits to offset her jet use.

See, the climate cult Elites are fine with forcing you out of your use of fossil fuels, but, for themselves, they just buy offsets to continue living their big carbon footprint lives.

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13 Responses to “Warmist Taylor Swift Threatens College Student Who Tracks Elites Use Of Private Jets”

  1. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    She’s doing what all left wingers do, she sold the jet to her own company and will take the money as a loan rather than income and pay no income taxes on it. She will then lease back her own property and call it a business expense therefore paying no taxes on that. She will then later sell it at a loss probably to another cell phone company and let it sit there and rot while she takes more loans on the plane. As long as it’s a asset of value it will never be out it’ll always be rented. That’s how leftist become multi billionaires at our expense all why their underlings like Elwood run around screaming about income inequality. See a guy like trump who builds multi $1,000,000 buildings they think it’s a capitalist pig but a girl with a cute *** who sings for the Democrat party can pull all kinds of crap and get away with it. Just like long faced condiment kings can by their multimillion dollar yachts and park them in another state to save money and that’s all OK with the Democrats.

    They steal everything that ain’t nailed down from the small stuff like eating at the French laundry during the scamdemic holding everybody else nailed to their homes to stealing all kinds of wealth by government manipulation. That doesn’t even include things like how the heck did they make multi millions of dollars every year that they’re in office collecting A measly $174,000 a year now I make more than that and I’m a firefighter and I don’t end up making $25 million at the end four years.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The far-right reactionaries have suddenly started hating Ms Swift because of her supposedly political leanings.

    I bet she pays more than $750 in federal income taxes!

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      What do her taxes have to do with anything? You really can’t stay on the subject can you? Why is that? And while we’re on it how would you know what far right reactionaries think? Did they call you up in the wee hours of the morning and tell you? We all know that your friends the liberal communists keep you posted is what you’re supposed to say every morning but I wasn’t aware that the left wasn’t the only ones talking to you now you got the right telling you too.

      You radical left wing communist hate people like me because of our “supposedly political leanings”. So why can’t right wing radicals start hating her? Ohh I see you’re the only ones who are allowed to be racist and you’re the only ones are allowed to be haters. Gotcha.

      Have you guys determined if you’re gonna have an instant replay of last election and steal this one by keeping the senile bastard in the basement, lying all through the campaign cycle, and finally stuffing the ballot boxes on Election Day? Are you gonna throw a little pandemic in there too just to keep things going? Or are the 2 wars that you’re involved in enough? If you’re lucky maybe Iran could start throwing nukes at our people I mean what’s a few 100,000 dead Americans if it means you win another four years in the White House right? Eggs, omelets and all that stuff.

      We are just dying to see what shenanigans you’re gonna pull this time to steal an election I mean you’ve done almost everything short of assassinations and you may have even done that we don’t know. I figure you’ll be looking to do some military things perhaps assassinations emergency floods emergency climate stuff you know anything to declare total power for your Democrats in office. Cause like they always say Trump is a like a Hitler. LOL

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        YOU brought up that she was rich! Wealth is not disqualifying of decency. But the wealthy have an obligation to pay their fair share in taxes.

        We assume you and The Don will present evidence that the 2020 election was stolen before he dies one day? Each day that a MAGAt brays about a stolen election, the more delusional they appear.

        Mr Bill Gates has already rigged every voting machine in the battleground states, so there is no reason for Republicans to either bother voting. If any problems (e.g., horrible polls) between now and the election, the Dems will pull President Biden and Mrs Barack Hussein Obama will become the nominee.

        Anyway, the objective is to make certain that Trump, or someone with his amoral character, does not become as powerful in the US as Hitler was in Nazi Germany. We fully understand that there are Americans who believe that other Americans should be deported/imprisoned for their beliefs, skin color, religion, country of origin or political positions. That said, America DOES have checks, balances, norms and mores but Mr Trump has made clear he can and will ignore them. For example, Jimmy Carter unloaded his little peanut business but Mr Trump kept his multinational businesses. His companies were doing business with other nations while he was president.

  3. H says:

    Taylor Swift purchased carbon off sets more than 200% higher than her carbon pollution of her tour.
    Remember carbon off sets for jet travel are only 2 or 3 % of the cost of flight
    Jl if you need proof Google it yourself!

    • Dana says:

      It takes a leftist to think that “carbon offsets” somehow reduce the amount of CO2 spewed into the atmosphere.

    • Jl says:

      Johnny boy-why would I doubt Ms. Swift purchased “carbon offsets”? The question I’ve always asked, and you’ve never answered, is what good do they do? Ms. Swift’s jet emitted the same amount of CO2 with carbon offsets as without carbon offsets. Remember, your Godfather James Hansen thinks they’re a silly idea.
      But here’s another question-can you produce the math showing how much temperature difference it will make by using carbon offsets? Thanks in advance

  4. H says:

    Taylor Swift is now a billionaire!
    Plus she has joined the SOROS Special Attack Force and will be announcing her support for Joe Biden at the Superbowl
    Trump has also announced that after massive contributions from BuD Light everyone must begin drinking that shitty beer again

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      What do you do get up in the morning and check and see what trump said or did from the day before? You are a retard. I guess it’s OK for Taylor Swift to be a white supremacist now that she’s a billionaire and a democrat?

      You think it’s a good idea to turn our sporting events into political campaigns? So absolutely nothing in America anymore can exist without politics? You communists really are sick mother fuckers.

      Trump has also announced that after massive contributions from BuD Light everyone must begin drinking that shitty beer again

      you’re a liar again. Trump never said any such thing and he never received any massive contributions from bud light you’re a filthy liar a dirty filthy commie liar.

  5. ST says:

    Four months ago today – Oct 7, 2023 Hamas began war with Israel – Never Forget (Videos)

  6. Professor Hale says:

    Leave Ms Swift alone. She is a national treasure and a personification of American culture. If it were up to me, she would replace Biden on the ballot. I wouldn’t vote for her, but at least I wouldn’t mind so much watching her campaign. Further, she would reinspire confidence in the election system since people might reasonably believe she could get 81 million votes.

  7. Mad Celt says:

    Fitzgerald: The rich are very different from you and me
    Hemingway: Yeah, they have more money.

  8. CarolAnn says:

    Taylor Swift is just a young ignorant girl being manipulated by a bunch of horrible horrible communist Democrat thugs. She’s being used by other people and you should be ashamed to support that you filthy pig.

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