Senate Releases Their “Immigration Overhaul” Bill, DOA In House

While it might have a few good things in it, there are too many bad things

‘This bill is even worse than we expected’: House Speaker reacts to Senate immigration proposal

illegal alien DemocratIn a scathing new statement Sunday night, House Speaker Mike Johnson said the Senate bipartisan bill to overhaul the immigration system along with providing aid to Israel and Ukraine was dead on arrival if it makes it to the House.

“I’ve seen enough. This bill is even worse than we expected, and won’t come close to ending the border catastrophe the President has created. As the lead Democrat negotiator proclaimed: Under this legislation, “the border never closes.” If this bill reaches the House, it will be dead on arrival,” Johnson said in a statement on X, echoing comments he made before the bill’s release.

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise said the legislation, which includes millions of dollars in new foreign aid and is the first major overhaul of the country’s immigration system in years, will not even receive a vote in the House.

“Let me be clear: The Senate Border Bill will NOT receive a vote in the House. Here’s what the people pushing this “deal” aren’t telling you: It accepts 5,000 illegal immigrants a day and gives automatic work permits to asylum recipients—a magnet for more illegal immigration,” Scalise said in a statement on X.

That’s a pretty big bad thing. Any border bill should disincentivize people from coming illegally/demanding asylum.

(Washington Examiner) The package includes more than $60 billion to Ukraine to fight off Russia’s invasion, $20 billion to address the border crisis, $14.1 billion in security assistance to Israel, $10 billion in humanitarian aid to civilians in Gaza, the West Bank, and Ukraine, $4.8 billion to help Taiwan and Indo-Pacific allies, and an additional $2.4 billion to support U.S. Central Command operations in the Red Sea, according to details from the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Three times more for Ukraine than the border crisis.

The legislation would shorten the time it takes to determine migrants’ asylum claims to no longer than six months and create a higher standard for the initial screening, to take place within 90 days. The bill also includes the Afghan Adjustment Act, which would provide a process for permanent legal status for Afghans who fled during the 2021 withdrawal, as well as the FEND Off Fentanyl Act, which empowers the administration to target entities that produce or smuggle fentanyl.

The shortening of time is great. Can it be done? Will it be done? If it’s Biden doing it, well, he has already pretty much blown off any restrictions on immigration now. Will the process for the Afghans require the same measures as the naturalization process, or, will the U.S. be left with another community, like the Somalis, which hate America and want to practice Islamic extremism? The FEND act is great. Why can’t it be passed separately?

The border shutdown rule is actually optional. Biden loves this bill: do we think he will shut it down at any point if he wins re-election? The bill also spends on $650 million on maintaining and securing the border wall. $60 million to Ukraine.

The House is reportedly going to vote on an Israel funding bill this week. They should do the same for Ukraine. And then take the Senate bill and strip out the bad things

(Daily Caller) “The border security bill will put a huge number of new enforcement tools in the hands of a future administration and push the current Administration to finally stop the illegal flow. The bill provides funding to build the wall, increase technology at the border, and add more detention beds, more agents, and more deportation flights,” wrote Republican Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma, the chief GOP negotiator of the bill, in an email to the Daily Caller News Foundation. “The border security bill ends the abuse of parole on our southwest border that has waived in over a million people. It dramatically changes our ambiguous asylum laws by conducting fast screenings at a higher standard of evidence, limited appeals, and fast deportation.”

See, it sounds good. And they jammed lots of good things in, so that people won’t notice the bad things. And the bad things are bad. Rip the bill apart and dump them.

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12 Responses to “Senate Releases Their “Immigration Overhaul” Bill, DOA In House”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Dear Leader Trumputin ordered his oleaginous toady, Lil Mikie Johnson, to kill the Senate bill so that Comrade Donnie ‘Vlad’ Trumputin can give turn Ukraine over to his lord and master, AND continue the border chaos.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Trumputin AND the ACLU both oppose the Senate bill!!

    • Doom and Gloom says:

      Many on the left oppose the border bill as well because it does nothing for the DREAMERS. In addition, we all know this is about aid to UKRAINE. Micth McConnell told his lead negotiator to NOT link Aide to Israel and Ukraine to the border.

      So he didn’t which is why the bill is DOA for the right and there is no mention of Dreamers in the bill for Progressive lefties.

      Hence the BILL was WRITTEN TO FAIL for one single reason. The DEMS can say well at least we tried and show during reelection time for all of them, Including BIDEN that they tried and the GOP blocked them.

      Talking point….DEMS want to fix the BORDER, GOP wants to not fix it and use it for Political purposes.

      Right now 2 million are flooding in per year. The LEFT wants to allow 4999 per day Times 365…..quick do the math……1,825,000 million per year to flood over the border, be processed and turned into American citizens in days instead of years.

      NOT only NO but hell NO……IF the HOUSE EVEN BRINGS THIS UP FOR A VOTE THEY ARE INSANE because 10 GOP’hers will vote with all the DEMS and voilla we have just handed the country to South America.

  3. drowningpuppies says:

    Now it can be told.

    That monster!

    Bwaha! Lolgf

  4. Professor Hale says:

    “Address the border crisis” = Money to facilitate resettling more foreigners into the USA. I have still not heard anyone from the open borders crowd, the “we need more labor” groupies or the Biden administration tell us how many is enough. It is as if they just want as many as possible before the next presidential administration cuts the number to zero.

    Democrat “fixes” for immigration never include fewer immigrants.

  5. CarolAnn says:

    Democrat “fixes” for immigration never include fewer immigrants.

    Or white ones.

    Or Christians.

    Just moslems, spics and darkies. Few of Whom are vaccinated or educated.

    In the end, the immigrants, blacks and Yids are not the source of our evils — white liberals are. They are the ones who side with all the others against their fellow white people.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      CarolAnn, upset about Mexican immigrant takes off her white hood long enough to type…

      Or white ones.

      Our European brother and sisters prefer their Social Democracies to the dog-eat-dog American world.

      Or Christians.

      Most of the Mexican, Central and South American immigrants are Christians. In addition our Constitution doesn’t permit us to favor one religion over another.

      Just moslems, spics and darkies. Few of Whom are vaccinated or educated.

      MAGAts, honkies, Karens and peckerwoods hate those different from themselves.

      In the end, the immigrants, blacks and Yids are not the source of our evils — white liberals are.

      White “Christian”, supremacist, MAGAt Karens such as CarolAnn don’t understand that “moslems, spics, darkies and Yids” are actually humans. You and your Three Amigo buddies don’t even try to hide your gawdawful bigotry anymore!!

      • drowningpuppies says:

        Blow it out your ass, ya dumb motherfucker.

        Please deny this is problem, Rimjob?

        Bwaha! Lolgf

      • CarolAnn says:

        But your God awful racism and bigotry against Christians and Jews and white people is OK right you filthy animal. We realize they’re human beings we also realize they would kill us in a heartbeat some of them because of politics and others because of their religion that dictates that they should kill us. You’re just too damn stupid to realize it.

        By the way I don’t know why you think bigotry is so God awful. People should stick with their own people not with others if you wanna hang with people of other race is no good or where they are don’t bring them over here we don’t need them. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with me wanting to be with other white people why do you think there is? And matter of fact I think there’s something kind of odd about you hates your own kind. You’re the kind of white person that’s destroying America the only difference between all the liberal ladies is you have a teeny tiny Weiner other than that you’re just like well the leftist women that are corrupting the United states.

        I am very happy that I triggered your communist ash and got you all upset. I try to do that everyday but sometimes I don’t succeed. I love your stupidity when you get all upset and decide that you have a right to determine who’s a bigot and who’s not based on your beliefs not on ours. So FU you stooge.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:


          Accepting that your God of all Gods created all inferior flora and fauna to serve man, why did He create your referenced inferior women, LGBTQs, Muslims, Negroes, Hispanics, Hindus and Yids? To serve White men? God gave us cows and pigs and fish and chickens and apples and carrots and wheat for us to eat. Did He give us Negroes and Mexicans to slave for us? Jews, gays and Muslims for us to hate?

          BTW, you Proud White Bigot: It was YOU who slurred Jews, calling them “Yids”. You should be ashamed, but you are not.

          You and your three or so proudly white nationalist amigos have turned the Cove into a racist Cesspool. Mr Teach allows it.

          Are youse guys so insecure and weak that you need the power of the State to keep you from being “contaminated” by Blacks, Jews, Muslims, Mexicans and LGBTQs?? There is no law keeping you from isolating yourselves from the wider world.

  6. James Lewis says:

    Chicken Little Man

    Our European brother and sisters prefer their Social Democracies to the dog-eat-dog American world.

    And I invite you to go there and join them. But be careful. All the Muslims flooding in has got them spooked.

  7. Bob says:

    “Three times more for Ukraine than the border crisis.”

    Well DOH…

    Not nearly enough compromised or bought-out traitors at the border that would provide the desired kickbacks those dual-citizen Washinton criminals want.

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