ZOMG: Coastal Cities Brace For Hotcoldwetdry

Sigh. This again? I wonder if the NY Times consulted with all the rich folks, like Barack Obama and Al Gore, who’ve purchased homes in low lying coastal areas, and seem to be in no hurry to sell them

Coastal Cities Brace for Climate Change

Over the past few weeks, flooding from storms has battered cities in the South and the East Coast, from Louisiana to New JerseyOverlapping atmospheric rivers over the West Coast have brought heavy rains that are likely to come back in the next few days.

So far this week, Californians have not seen the kinds of weather-generated disasters that struck last winter, with flooding in Ventura County in December and in San Diego in January, my colleague Jill Cowan reports.

Storms are part of the natural cycle that replenishes the water supplies that several states will rely on during the drier months to come, Judson Jones, The Times’s meteorologist, told me.

Buuuuuuut, cult

“The problem comes when there’s too much at one time,” he said.

Climate change makes that a lot more likely. Warmer air holds more moisture, which means storms in many parts of the world are getting wetter and more intense, as my colleague Ray Zhong explained during deluges last year.

Coastal areas are especially vulnerable to climate change, not just because of storms and floods, but from rising seas and erosion. These factors put a tenth of the world’s population, the 896 million people who live near the oceans, at risk. That includes one-fifth of Americans.

And t’s all your fault. But, we can fix this with lots and lots of taxpayer money

The good news is that there is a lot we can do. Urban Ocean Lab, a think tank that promotes environmental policies for coastal cities, has designed a framework that lays out dozens of solutions that governments and communities can implement.

See? And lots and lots of “legislative and regulatory options”, as that link shows. All for a mostly mythical problem. The natural part would be around simply because warm periods happen. If the anthropogenic part, and, heck, the natural part, were so concerning you wouldn’t have so many rich people building/buying homes in low lying areas.

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6 Responses to “ZOMG: Coastal Cities Brace For Hotcoldwetdry”

  1. h says:

    Rich people will have an easier time dealing with climate change than poor people, especially 10% of all humans living in a household earning less than 2$ per day. The rich people of course like Trump can take advantage of subsidized/socialism flood insurance. Obama’s “beachfront” house is about 15 or 20 feet above sea level. His kids will be dead by the time water reaches that height. Gore’s “beach house” is water view 600′ up on a mountain side.
    on the Jersey shore, experiencing a above average sea level rise, they are expecting between a 1′ ND 2′ rise by 2050. That will take 100′ of beach, for every foot rise.

    • Jl says:

      Johnny-I can sleep tonight knowing you somehow managed to get Trump into a sea level rise discussion…..

      • CarolAnn says:

        The clown can’t comment without a Trump reference. The two of them have a deep psychological problem.

    • david7134 says:

      You do realize that all your little carbon tax and other efforts will harm poor people. But you seem to really desire to harm rich people, why? Because they were successful and you were not you desire to use the government and a hoax to do them harm?

  2. Nolan Parker. says:

    YaKnow,, you keep hating on what built America and you will wind up without air conditioning.
    Maybe without heat,,if it’s electric. The whole thing is a scam. How many times do you need to live through the Twelve Years we have left before we have insulted the planet until it slaps us? You aren’t educated. You’re indoctrinated. I WATCHED this crap grow.

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