Nearly 10% Identify As LGBTwhatever Or Something

You’ll never guess who identifies the most

Nearly 10% Percent of Adults Around the World Identify as LGBTQ: Survey

A global survey conducted by Ispos found that the number of adults who identify as LGBTQ+ is now 9 percent.

From February 7 to March 13, Ipsos surveyed 22, 514 adults across 30 countries, including Portugal, the Netherlands, Turkey, and Brazil. Brazil had the highest percentage of LGBTQ+ adults at around 15 percent, while Peru and Japan had the lowest at 4 percent.

Of the adults surveyed, an average of 3 percent identified themselves as gay or lesbian, 4 percent as bisexual, 1 percent as asexual, and 1 percent as pansexual or omnisexual. Gen Z respondents were two times more likely to identify as LGBTQ+ than Millenials, and four times more likely when compared with Gen Xers and Boomers.

The United States matches the world average with 9 percent of the population identifying as LGBTQ+. This represents a one percent drop since 2021, according to the survey.

Now, I really do not care if people are gay or lesbian or into both. You be you. As long as it doesn’t negatively affect my life, no skin off my nose. I do care when you try and force this belief on me, and on kids. No one should be forcing adult sexuality on kids, be it straight or not.

When it comes to gender identity, 1 percent of the surveyed adults described themselves as transgender. Another 1 percent identified as nonbinary, genderfluid, or gender non-conforming, and 1 percent identified as other than male or female. In this area, too, Gen Zers were more likely to identify as one of these categories than older adults.

So, three percent have serious mental illness and need competent mental health therapy. And Gen Z has been brainwashed, indoctrinated into these beliefs by adults who are, well, let’s just refer to them as assholes. Thing is, in this day and age being LGB won’t ruin their lives (unless you want to have unprotected gay sex and get HIV/AIDS). Remember a bit ago when all those teen girls were claiming to be bi-curious? How many did it as a fad? How many acted on it? How many became lesbian? None of their lives were really harmed. Kids taking drugs and cutting off their genitals? Yeah, that’s life damaging.

Off course, 8 billion people in the world yet roughly 22k were interviewed meaning the sample size was 0.00000275%. Meanwhile, it’s getting rather cultist…though at least Rolling Stone seems to understand what a woman is

13 Lesbian and Queer Women-Owned Brands to Support During Pride (and All Year Long)

Real talk: you know you are going to get that crystal, some rainbow gear for the Pride parade, those sunglasses for your upcoming trip to Bali, something to wear to your cousin’s wedding, and a new bag of coffee beans because returning to that commute and the office at 9 a.m. has been brutal — and that’s ok. You buy stuff. We all do. We’re Americans. It’s basically written into the Constitution at this point.

But they call it buying power for a reason. What you buy and where you shop matters, especially in this day and age where “pinkwashing” is common practice, with big-name brands and mainstream retailers commandeering Pride Month to release out-and-proud and “love is love” lines just to cash in as they do with just about every holiday or celebration. Worst of all, many of those same companies fund politicians who threaten to or take away LGBTQ+ and trans rights at every turn.

So, yeah, they’re pushing those brands. Not sure about you, I neither look to see or care about the sexuality of who runs the products I buy. These people are getting as cultist as Scientology, Heaven’s Gate, and People’s Temple.

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17 Responses to “Nearly 10% Identify As LGBTwhatever Or Something”

  1. Dana says:

    Is homosexuality a communicable disease?

    The Williams Institute, which has an internal bias which would like to see the percentage of the population who are homosexual as being higher, claims that 3.5% of the population are homosexual or bisexual, and another 0.3% are transgender. The Centers for Disease Control conducted the National Health Institute Survey in 2013, when Barack Hussein Obama was still President, and found that only 1.6% of the population are homosexual, with another 0.7% bisexual, and another 1.1% either stating that they were ‘something else’ or declining to respond.

    So, if 9% are ‘identifying’ themselves as sexually abnormal now, either homosexuality/ bisexuality/ transgenderism are communicable diseases, or some form of ‘grooming’ actually works. By making homosexuality more societally acceptable, more otherwise normal people might be enticed to at least try taking a walk on the wild side, especially if drugs or alcohol are involved.

    Of course, there’s at least the possibility that the survey was biased in its methods or poorly conducted.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Rather than a communicable disease or the unproved “grooming”, an alternative explanation (and arguably more likely mechanism) is that the percentage of gay/lesbian/bi/trans is stable but the percentage who feel comfortable admitting the truth has increased.

      Conservatives promote the notion that others must hide their true selves so as not to offend their ultra-sensitive feelings.

      Interestingly, the percentage of non-hetero Americans jumped during the reign of that dandy, Donald John Trump. With his pompadoured hairdo, manicured nails, heavy drag-style orange make-up and girly mannerisms, it’s possible Trump was “grooming” youngsters to “come out”.

      And of course, there’s always the possibility that the survey, especially since it’s a social “science” survey, was biased in its methods or poorly conducted.

    • Professor Hale says:

      I suspect there are a large group of these claiming to be non-binary and “plus” categories because they are fat and ugly and their sexuality is irrelevant. At least that way they get some attention.

  2. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    Like every other bad decision the left fosters they just tell the big lie, repeat it often through its spokespeople in the entertainment and media and the lie becomes the truth. Like the predator president got 81 million votes.

    They are literally talking the weak of mind , the outcasts and misfits into becoming fags and trannies. Theses are the same experts who convinced millions that a fake non-vaccine would protect from catching and spreading a flu as they locked down perfectly healthy people while stuffing the sick into old age homes.

    If we don’t win the next election and make it our goal to get these pigs out of positions of influence this country is screwed.

    We can no loner have people who hate America running America. Similarly, we can no longer afford people who hate whites, Christians and straight people teaching or otherwise influencing our children. It’s child abuse.

    • Professor Hale says:

      Similarly, we can no longer afford people who hate whites, Christians and straight people teaching or otherwise influencing our children. It’s child abuse.

      If you send your kids to public schools, you are signing up for that. You lose your right to be outraged at the expected result.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Mr Teach: No one should be forcing adult sexuality on kids, be it straight or not.

    Most conservatives don’t actually believe that. For decades American advertisers and culture have been forcing adult sexuality on kids. Been to the Jersey Shore lately? The local pool? The mall? How about tiktok, facebook, instagram, reels, twitter etc? Watch any TV? Conservatives are only concerned about public non-hetero materials.

    American culture used to persecute and prosecute non-hetero Americans. There was outright discrimination in housing, military service, employment, public and private services enshrined in law. Every indication is that nuMAGAt movement wishes to return to those days. Their “con” is that they’re doing it for “the children”.

    Rather than harass and persecute non-hetero Americans perhaps the nuMAGAts of Arkansas (26.5 births per 1,000 females 15-19), MS (25.6), LA (24.5), OK (24.1), AL (22.9), KY (22.3), TN (21.5), TX (20.3) can figure out how to keep their girls from getting pregnant. Perhaps they can find out what MA (5.7), NH (5.4), VT (6.4), NY (9.1), RI (7.8), NJ (7.9), CT (7.1) are doing right.

  4. H says:

    The people who care most about the sex lives of others, are lacking something in their own lives.
    30% of American men haven’t gotten laid in the last year.
    Do you think that mom at have something to do with our mass shootings?

  5. H says:

    As Teach us want to say: I will believe that our schools are abusing their students when I see L.G. Brandon stepping up changing his own lifestyle and becoming a teacher.

  6. Jl says:

    And so the people that care the most about CO2 must be lacking something in their lives. Are you lacking oxygen?

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:


      What happened to you? You used to make arguments, now you only copy and paste unoriginal bon mots, hence too easy to ignore like the increasingly irrelevant DP (doublepenetration aka spitroast).

      • Jl says:

        J-you commenting on them means you’re not ignoring them.
        What’s that saying? If you’re receiving flack means you’re over the target…

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