Ukraine Vs Russia: Ukraine Battling High Expectations Or Something

It’s like reading the sports news, not two nations locked in a war. We’ve been hearing about a planned counter-offensive from Ukraine for at least a month now. Seriously, you don’t tell the enemy your intentions, and this isn’t like getting ready for a playoff series or the release of a movie

It’s very weird, like this article

Ukraine battles sky-high expectations ahead of counteroffensive

Ukraine is facing sky-high expectations ahead of its upcoming counteroffensive, raising a litany of dangers if Kyiv fails to make major advances against entrenched Russian forces.

Lackluster results could hurt Ukraine’s international support moving forward, embolden critics of continued military support and ultimately benefit Russia.

Ukraine has received nearly all of the promised military aid from Western allies, including infantry fighting vehicles and main battle tanks, all of which are upping the global pressure for Ukrainians to succeed.

But victory is far from assured.

“Sometimes, war is sold like a consumer product, where there’s a lot of hype and a lot of hope,” said Bill Astore, a retired U.S. Air Force veteran and a senior fellow with the Eisenhower Media Network. “That is contrary to the reality we often see.”

“Sold like a consumer product.” Or, like listening to the wackos yammering about an upcoming series on ESPN, which highlights players talking trash and saying what they’re going to do to the other team. All we need are a few Vegas odds.

For months, messaging from Ukraine and its allies has been that Western armor, such as Germany’s Leopard tanks and American-made Stryker vehicles, are far superior to Russian equipment and will swing the war in Ukraine’s favor.

Yet Russian forces are dug in across the 600-mile front line in eastern Ukraine, and Kyiv will not have the element of surprise that helped its successful counteroffensives last year in the Kherson and Kharkiv regions.

At the same time, the counteroffensive, anticipated to stretch until the late fall, is Ukraine’s one chance this year to prove its capabilities, according to military analysts.

Prove? Isn’t the idea to beat Russia and destroy their military, kicking them out of Ukraine? This is weird

“They don’t need to do everything, but they need to do enough for that support to continue for at least another year,” Arnold said. “They need to deliver a pretty significant play to Russian forces this year, and then it will be on Western backers to decide whether that is enough.”

It almost sounds like a racing team: they have to have a good showing otherwise their financial backers might pull out.

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One Response to “Ukraine Vs Russia: Ukraine Battling High Expectations Or Something”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    Sold like a consumer product.

    Not in the USA. Your government no longer cares if you support foreign wars dujure or not. The Democratic party neocons are in charge of foreign policy. They are very generous in the number of Ukrainians they will kill to support their unintelligible goals.

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