British Lunatics Say It’s Time To Rethink Christmas Because Half Of Citizens Not Christian

How about no?

Time to rethink Christmas as half of country not Christian, says diversity group

A group that works with organisations on issues of diversity and inclusivity says it may be time to cancel Christmas. The call comes after new statistics showed that less than half of the population of England and Wales described themselves as Christian in the 2021 census, meaning that Christianity is now a minority religion.

But the UK still has a ‘heavy emphasis on celebrating the birth of Jesus’, according to Watch This Sp_ce, an award-winning diversity and inclusion consultancy. They say that, from November onwards, the decorations in town centres, the advertising on our televisions, the constant emails from retailers, all imply that everyone will be celebrating on December 25.

The people working with Watch This Sp_ce are exactly who you think they are. Hard left moonbats

We are passionate about building a more equal society. One that benefits from the individual voices and unique perspectives that make humanity so richly diverse.

In other words, forcing people to Comply with their Progressive beliefs

We came together through volunteer projects, all looking to help amplify marginalised voices and support underrepresented groups to follow their ambitions. We started to talk about all the ways we knew the world needed to change. How businesses could be better. Where the gaps were in our society.

Then came lockdown. We found ourselves trapped in our homes with more time on our hands, watching the world having to rethink absolutely everything. And we knew we had to do something.

Yet, they aren’t upset at the government for their hardcore lockdown methods. Nope. They want to force businesses to follow what WTS says. Back to the original article

But they say many people feel left out and excluded from the celebrations, while their own religious or spiritual festival is ignored, and more feel under pressure to spend large mounts of money for ‘no real reason’.

Watch This Sp_ce says that, at work, these issues are ‘loaded into a pressure cooker’, hoghlighting people in the team that don’t celebrate at this time of year, forcing them to either ‘conform to a religion they don’t believe in’ or stand out as a highly visible minority amongst their teammates, who may well be labelling them Scrooge.

I don’t know about Britain, but, few feel that pressure here in the U.S. I work with plenty of people who are not Christians. We have a Christmas tree. We play Christmas music. We have an ugly sweater day. We have a Christmas party. No one cares. No one is really that soft in real life. No one is getting all freaked out like these activist moonbats at WTS.

Watch This Sp_ce us encouraging organisations to reconsider their approach to the festive season. Co-Creator Allegra Chapman said: “Christmas can be a time of fun and joy, but it is also filled with stresses, challenges and discomfort. Rather than forcing everyone to celebrate in an old-fashioned way, in the name of ‘just a bit of fun’, there is a great opportunity for organisations to take a fresh look at how and why they bring their teams together.”

How about they just mind their of f’ing business? Worry about their own lives. Of course, moonbat activists can’t do that, and, let’s be honest: this is about the typical Progressive hatred of Christianity. So, they give ideas like “ask your staff what they want”, “make a calendar”, “be flexible” (you can bet the house on these Progressives at WTS are not flexible in the least), and “celebrate purposefully”

Rather than enforcing awkward socialising for the sake of Christmas, maybe it’s time to reconsider how and why you bring your staff together. Celebrating milestones in your achievements as a team, throughout the year, and bringing people together in a way that helps them to get to know one another and understand their work is much more powerful than everyone drunkenly draping tinsel over each other. You might choose to have a spring, summer, autumn and winter celebration, for example, where you reflect on progress, recognise successes and think ahead to the coming season. If your work dos are going to involve alcohol, which might well be what the majority of your team want, make sure that there are plenty of alternatives available and that drinks are just an accompaniment to the event rather than the reason everyone is there. The idea is to allow everyone to connect and socialise, not to encourage everyone to get wasted.

Have these people worked in the private sector before? Run their own business? Managed people in the private sector? One is an HR specialist, which means a major league nag. One worked as an accountant, says nothing about running a business. Then there’s a “digital marketing expert and filmmaker”, meaning she does TikTok or Youtube. A “racial justice and anti-racism campaigner.” A “artist, writer, and educator who facilitates learning with inclusion at its core.” The only one who supposedly has experience in the private sector is Mo Kanjilal, who says she has “experience as an award-winning Vice-President of Sales & Marketing at a global corporation.” Would it be out of bounds to suggest, as a cofounder of WTS with Allegra Chapman, that she is probably not Christian, and wants to force her only unhappy thoughts on everyone else?

Almost no business enforces awkward socialising for the sake of Christmas. That’s not reality. Perhaps back in the 40’s, but, not now. Just a bunch of Christmas hating nags.

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16 Responses to “British Lunatics Say It’s Time To Rethink Christmas Because Half Of Citizens Not Christian”

  1. alanstorm says:

    How about they just mind their of f’ing business?

    Now, THAT’S funny! Liberal idiots (BIRM) shutting up about things they don’t understand? That’s comedy GOLD, Teach!

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Christmas is a cultural holiday. By all means, celebrate or not.

    Years ago, when I worked for a Fortune 500 company the local employees petitioned to eliminate the annual Christmas party and put the money towards charitable giving instead. It worked! It wasn’t for religious reasons, though.

    We have a Christmas Eve gathering at our house every year, weather and Covid permitting. I’m agnostic, my wife is Christian. The friends and family are a mix of Christians, agnostics and atheists. It works.

    • So, you are telling us that your wife is smarter than you!

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Mr Dana typed: “…you are telling us that your wife is smarter than you!”

        Duh! Aren’t most wives smarter than their husbands? Anyway, we make a good team. Her thoughtfulness counters my thoughtlessness. Her energy defeats my sloth. Her levelheadedness tempers my flightheadedness. As my friends ask, “What does she see in you?” I still don’t know but am thankful. I never press the issue as I may not like the answer!! (You’re handy. You keep the cars running. The kids like you. You have good health insurance. You used to be good-looking. You were popular in high school. My boyfriend likes the current arrangement!)

        Anyway, note she is a Lutheran (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America). They allow female and LGBTQ clergy and bless same-sex marriage.

        The ELCA opposes abortion when “a fetus is developed enough to live outside a uterus with the aid of reasonable and necessary technology”. But like most religious institutions regarding abortion, the parishioners largely disagree with/and ignore the policy. In general, the ELCA is a moderate-liberal Protestant communion.

  3. H says:

    Let’s all put the Christ back in Christmas
    And why hasn’t the Right begun their annual War Against the War on Christmas. It is already into December. Will Christmas soon only be celebrated by the Pedos because of Virgin Mary getting knocked up while she was still a tennybopper of 12 to 14 ? Is this why we no longer are hearing from the Christians about putting the Christ back in Christmas ?

    • CarolAnn says:

      Never miss a chance to ridicule and insult the “Christians”, eh H? And why not? They won’t look you up and cut your filthy degenerate head off.

    • James Lewis says:

      Dear H:

      Thanks for showing us who and what you are.

    • david7134 says:

      That is not the way of a good Buddhist. They are taught tolerance and peace. But you must have missed that part of your studies.

  4. Jl says:

    Typical moonbats-“a group that works on issues of diversity and inclusivity” wants to….not include Christmas.

  5. david7134 says:

    Europe does Christmas the best, although Asians are fast catching up. If you ever get a chance to visit Europe after Thanksgiving, jump for it. We did the River cruise. But there are constant festivals and we could never be allowed to do the same.

  6. Jl says:

    There’s so much CO2 in the air that it’s affecting Johnny’s brain…

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      It CAN happen, but typically not at 420 ppm. CO2 is an effective anesthesia in small animal surgeries.

      Homo sapiens evolved in CO2 levels between 200 and 300 ppm, mainly in well ventilated environments. In our tightly sealed buildings nowadays, levels can creep well over 1000 ppm, which studies show can have effects on cognition.

      We review preliminary evidence concerning the potential health risks of chronic exposure to environmentally relevant elevations in ambient CO2, including inflammation, reductions in higher-level cognitive abilities, bone demineralization, kidney calcification, oxidative stress and endothelial dysfunction. This early evidence indicates potential health risks at CO2 exposures as low as 1,000 ppm — a threshold that is already exceeded in many indoor environments with increased room occupancy and reduced building ventilation rates, and equivalent to some estimates for urban outdoor air concentrations before 2100. Continuous exposure to increased atmospheric CO2 could be an overlooked stressor of the modern and/or future environment. Further research is needed to quantify the major sources of CO2 exposure, to identify mitigation strategies to avoid adverse health effects and protect vulnerable populations, and to fully understand the potential health effects of chronic or intermittent exposure to indoor air with higher CO2 concentrations.

  7. JimS says:

    I’m an atheist and I love the Christmas season. Even though it’s not a religious holiday to me, I still like the lights, music and family. What pisses me off about these activists is that it’s always OUR culture that has to be suppressed for the “good of the minority”. When they move to Saudi Arabia and try to ban Ramadan, then I just might take them seriously.

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