Arizona Governor Doubles Down On Shipping Containers At Border

Biden already whined once at Arizona Gov Ducey once, telling him to remove the containers …. hey, when’s the last time Brandon or Kamala visited the actual border? … will he do it again?

Arizona governor puts more containers along Mexican border

The state of Arizona has begun installing shipping containers along another section of the U.S.-Mexico border to fill gaps that aren’t covered by a border wall.

The move announced by Republican Gov. Doug Ducey on Monday to install stacks of containers in Cochise County in south-eastern Arizona came two weeks after federal officials told him to remove containers he had placed along the border in southwestern Arizona.

Ducey sued in federal court on Friday, asking a court to allow the state to keep more than 100 double-stacked containers topped with razor wire in place near the community of Yuma, which sits near the California border. It also mentions U.S. Forest Service land where the new containers are being placed hundreds of miles (kilometers) to the east.

The containers near Yuma were placed in August to fill gaps in the border wall as Ducey ratcheted up political posturing against what he called the inaction of the Biden Administration in stopping migrants from entering the state from Mexico.

The new section of shipping containers is aimed at a 10-mile (16-kilometer) section of the border. Ducey said it would take more than 2,700 of the 60-foot-long (18-meter-long) shipping containers to fill the gap.

They aren’t foolproof, but, better than an open border, especially when Brandon and his Democrat Comrades keep essentially inviting people to just come to the U.S., promising money, housing, clothing, medical attention, and citizenship. Most border walls wouldn’t be necessary if every illegal would simply be deported, and any who want asylum would have to apply outside the U.S.

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3 Responses to “Arizona Governor Doubles Down On Shipping Containers At Border”

  1. H says:

    So this new wall will be 16′ high. An insurmountable obstacle for anyone who has already walked 1000 miles. The main beneficiaries of this obstacle will be the cartels who are making 100s of millions in border crossing fees will this be more effective than Trump’s wall which could be breached in less than 5 mins with cordless saws? At least with his wall the Border could see what was going on behind it. With this one the migrants will be invisible.
    Social media in Venezuela is telling people their that FL Gov Desantis will provide them with free air travel to the northern city of their choice .
    Teach their are 11 million jobs needing workers. Should migrants be allowed or forced to work while awaiting their long time in immigration Court? Would these workers help fight inflation? About 1/2 of ALL farm workers are undocumented. Teach if you really wanted to be 100% pure and non hypocritical (like those climate activists) you should not eat anything that has been touched, harvested, or produced by any undocumented worker. Could/would you do it to Save America ?

    • drowningpuppies says:

      What would Buddha do?

      Bwaha! Lolgf

    • JimS says:

      But what percentage of illegals actually end up as farm labor? The sane approach would be to set up a guest worker program with proper controls..

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