Democrats Seem Upset That GOP Is Hitting Them With Being Soft On Crime

Fortunately, the NY Times is there to try and protect the defund the police nuts (for which many have their own private security)

Some Democrats Embrace the Police as the GOP’s Crime Attacks Bite

In one of the more unusual television advertisements of this year’s midterm election campaigns, Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., accuses Democrats of wanting to defund police departments.

“Violent crime is surging in Louisiana,” he says in the ad. “Woke leaders blame the police.” (note: it’s a completely uncompetitive race, he’ll win easily) (snip)

Given Kennedy’s comfortable lead over Chambers in the polls, the “crackhead” line appears meant to drive headlines about Democrats in general, rather than slam his specific opponent. And the ad is just a cruder version of attacks Republicans have leveled against Democrats across the country, regardless of their actual positions. Often — but not always — the candidates being targeted are Black, as Chambers is. But either way, the racial subtext of the criticism is impossible to ignore.

Oh, good, the raaaaace card has been played

Robbing ads of context

In Florida, for instance, Sen. Marco Rubio has portrayed his Democratic opponent, Rep. Val Demings, a 65-year-old former police chief of Orlando, as a dangerous “radical” who is soft on crime.

Like Chambers, Demings is Black — but, unlike him, she hails from the moderate wing of the Democratic Party. She was one of 207 House Democrats who recently voted for the Invest to Protect Act, a bipartisan bill to increase funding for local police departments.

One Rubio ad, titled “Blame America,” takes remarks by Demings out of context to claim that she “praised defunding the police.”

It’s not out of context, she praised defunding the police in Minneapolis, and was for defunding before she was against. And the piece tries to add more racial components, as ads are going against black candidates, who, get this, are anti-cop. And then there’s John Fetterman, who is white and is as extremist as the lunatic DAs in places like LA and San Francisco. Of course, the article fails to dig in and publish the information, which isn’t hard to find, and just publishes Fetterman saying it’s a lie.

The “defund the police” movement started with Democrats and remains their platform. It’s one of the fundamental reasons that crime is rampant in many parts of the country. They’ve gone soft on crime. No cash bail, catch and release and catch and release, sometimes dozens of times. And these cop hatred and soft on criminals policies have caused quite a few police to leave those forces, and cannot be replaced. At the end of the day, Republicans aren’t painting anything: these are facts.

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18 Responses to “Democrats Seem Upset That GOP Is Hitting Them With Being Soft On Crime”

  1. alanstorm says:

    In one of the more unusual television advertisements of this year’s midterm election campaigns, Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., accuses Democrats of wanting to defund police departments.

    I guess it IS unusual to use facts in a political ad, at least from the left. That’s probably what confuses them.

  2. Doom and Gloom says:

    No New Wars
    2.00 per gallon gasoline
    Plenty of groceries to purchase
    Low inflation
    Tough on Crime policy
    Closed Borders
    Border Walls being constructed

    It was so trying living under GOP rule. I am glad Biden took over so we can have:

    Out of control INFLATION.
    4.00-7.60 a gallon gasoline
    a collapsing house market
    Rising interest rates making the purchase of anything way more expensive
    Cities and Subways NOT SAFE
    Teaching our children they are pieces of shit in our schools
    A war with Russia staring down Nuclear war
    Half empty grocery stores
    Gasoline lines to buy gas

    I mean hey. How lucky are we that you Don’T fuk with a Biden? We are so lucky to have Democrats in controll.

  3. joe anon says:

    IF the police are abolished, I will be using deadly force to defend both my life and my property. This will NOT work out well for the criminals. Shoot, Shovel, and Shutup.

  4. Dana says:

    One thing on which my too-poorly-read blog has concentrated is the horrendous homicide rate in Philadelphia and Lexington, Kentucky. Lexington had its 37th homicide on September 25th, which just happened to tie the all-time annual record, set just last year, with three months left in the current year. The city went from 23 murders in 2018, to a record of 30 in 2019, then another record of 34 in 2020, and yet another record, 37, last year. Democrat Linda Gorton is the Mayor, and recently retired Commonwealth’s Attorney Lou Anna Red Corn, who just loved to negotiate murder charges down to manslaughter for black defendants, are responsible.

    Foul, fetid, fuming, foggy, filthy Philadelphia didn’t just set its all-time record last year, but with 562 killings completely obliterated the previous record of 500 set during the crack cocaine wars of 1990. 2020 saw 499 homicides.

    See a pattern there? The ‘woke’ mayor and district attorney, Jim Kenney and Larry Krasner, have helped lead Philly into becoming our deadliest city of over one million people. New Orleans, St Louis and Baltimore all have higher murder rates per population, but they have a lot fewer than a million people.

    Shockingly enough, Democratic mayors and Democratic prosecutors are following Democratic policies, but now Democratic politicians are whining about Republican candidates noting the effects of Democratic policies.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Over 3.3 million Americans died in 2020, of which some 21,000 were murdered. The leading causes of death were heart disease, cancer, Covid, accidents, stroke, diabetes, COPD etc. More older Americans die from falls each year than Americans die from homicide.

      The homicide rate peaked in the 1980s and has dropped steadily since the early 1990s with an uptick the last few years.

      The 1980s were more homicidal than the 2020s! Was the high homicide rate during the Reagan years due to local ‘wokeness’? It seems likely that it may be more complicated than Mr Dana’s monolithic thesis.

      Consider this from the Kentucky State Police:

      Overall, rural counties saw a 68.5% increase in homicides in 2020. The largest increases occurred in Laurel and Trigg counties.

      The nationwide increase in rural homicides has been attributed (but hardly proven) to increases in domestic violence and violence associated with drug manufacturing and distribution.

      But the White Anglo Saxon Party (WASP) ALWAYS uses racial fear in campaigns. The Southern Strategy. Willie Horton. BLM. Law and Order! PedoDon saying Biden would put “low-income housing” in suburbs!! GOP 101.

      The Negroes are coming for your stuff, and to rape and murder your wives, daughters and neighbors!

      • L'Roy White says:

        Hate to tell you Elwood but it is the leftist democrat party that has used fear of us blacks for over a century. There were other times of high crime Elwood like the 80’s but TODAY’S high crime rate is specifically traceable to black inner city crime, lack of police, poor prosecution by leftist DA’s and piss poor criminal punishment because the left wants “equity” in punishment when there is none in acts of crime.

        You should live in my neighborhood for a while. All the men under 45 know that if they’re arrested for anything less than murder they will be free in very short time and they all know it’s because of the leftist prosecution practices and their silly crime fighting theories. Just cause we’re black Elwood, don’t think we’re all stupid like your party is want to do.

        BTW, it seems the areas controlled by the corrupt democrats are not accurately reporting their crime stats to the feds. They also are late oto report or fail altogether.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Commenter typed:

          There were other times of high crime Elwood like the 80’s but TODAY’S high crime rate is specifically traceable to black inner city crime, lack of police, poor prosecution by leftist DA’s and piss poor criminal punishment because the left wants “equity” in punishment when there is none in acts of crime.

          Can the commenter support their argument(s) with evidence?

  5. Jl says:

    If only there would have been some clue that these clowns could have seen this coming…

  6. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    GOP 101: Feral Negroes (or Muslims, Mexicans etc) will murder you, and only a Republican can protect your home and family.

    GOP 102: Cross-dressing homosexuals have infiltrated your schools and are grooming your child to be a homosexual.

    GOP 103: Democrats are importing non-white, non-christian foreigners to replace white patriot voters.

    GOP 201: Chinese communists created the Covid virus and spread it around the globe to weaken and divide the West. They are creating more viruses, supported by Democrats.

    GOP 202: Global warming is a scam and is the next step in control by the state.

    GOP 401 (graduate): The sole objective of this global cabal of communists, New World Order-ers, woke corporatists and US Democrats is to destroy America and capitalism, establishing a global system of authoritarian socialism, using Pandemics, Global Warming, Pedophilia, ‘wokeness’ Grooming of public-school Children, Marijuana, Abortion and Gun ‘Control’ as their tools.

    • James Lewis says:

      Dear Elwood:

      “… and only a Republican can protect your home and family.” It appears that the word is not “can.”
      It is “will.”

      “…The sole objective…” You repeat yourself.

    • Dana says:

      Some silliness from St Louis:

      GOP 101: Feral Negroes (or Muslims, Mexicans etc) will murder you, and only a Republican can protect your home and family.

      From The Philadelphia Citizen:

      “It seems that there’s this notion that we can either reform the police or we can be safe, and I think that’s just bullshit,” former Mayor Michael Nutter said at the Festival. Under Nutter, Philadelphia posted its lowest murder rates in over 60 years, and he went on to paint a picture of how that gets done. “You have to do both. There’s a lot of focus on the numbers, but it’s not just numbers. There are people behind those numbers. Thats a life in this city. That’s a family that’s been damaged. That’s a neighborhood. When someone is shot or killed on a block, it is not just a personal incident. That entire block and community and neighborhood is affected. Those kids are going to have nightmares at night. Just washing down the sidewalk does not take away the trauma.”

      That’s a mayor striking at the emotional heart of a searing issue, something we’ve seen far too little of recently. And then he shifted into game-plan mode: “I had a district attorney, Seth [Williams], who we could work with, and talk to,” he said. “Obviously, he had his other issues and challenges, but as DA, Seth Williams did a better job than the person who is in the job right now because he understood the importance of public safety. That partnership—of our administration, Commissioner Ramsey, the DA, the courts, the federal agencies, the A.G.’s office, the governor’s office, and citizens who said we are not gonna tolerate this shit going on in our neighborhoods—that’s why crime went down in Philadelphia.”

      Boldfaced mine; italics in the original.

      Did you know that former Mayor Michael Nutter, former District Attorney Seth Williams, and former Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey are all Negroes? Yet while they were in office, crime went down in the City of Brotherly Love. Current Mayor Jim Kenney, and current District Attorney Larry Krasner are both white, while the current Police Commissioner, Danielle Outlaw, is a Negress, but she is seriously hamstrung by the idiotic Mayor, a City Council which doesn’t want the laws enforced, and a District Attorney who will not seriously prosecute many crimes. But, hamstrung or otherwise, her reputation in law enforcement has been trashed, and her (supposed) attempt to take the Police Commissioner’s job in New York City failed. Mr Kenney will leave office at the end of 2023, and the new Mayor will replace Miss Outlaw. She’ll be lucky to get a leadership position in a city with a five-figure population.

      Is the difference that the black Mayor and black District Attorney actually cared about crime which affected the primarily black areas of Philadelphia, while Messrs Kenney and Krasner are more concerned with woke politics?

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Some kookiness from Kentucky…

        Danielle Outlaw, is a Negress

        Negress??? Really?

        Scratch a Kentook, get a Cracker.

        Under Nutter, Philadelphia posted its lowest murder rates in over 60 years

        Proving nothing! The Kentucky Cracker hypothesizes that the recent increase in Philly homicides resulted from ‘woke’ politicos, ignoring that homicides have increased in rural Kentucky at the same time. Rural homicides have increased nationally as well. Is it possible that other factors could be at play?

        We get it. Crackers want to rule, even though they are a minority of Americans. And only Crackers can control those Feral Negresses and Negroes (and throat-slashing Muslims and Mexican rapists).

    • Dana says:

      The socialist from St Louis wrote:

      GOP 101: Feral Negroes (or Muslims, Mexicans etc) will murder you, and only a Republican can protect your home and family.

      From your own hometown:

      Why, I ask, are 143 out of 154 murder victims in St Louie black, when the city is slightly less than half black? Why are 100 out of 102 known suspects black?

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        The commenter proves our point. Thanks for the help.

        The GOP and their enablers use white fear of Blacks to boost voter turnout.

        Game, set, match…

      • L'Roy White says:

        For some reason ,Dana, like almost all leftists Elwood is scared crapless to admit the extent of feral black crime. They know its their fault so they clam up. I love when they blame other people. I live in the crap they’ve made every day. we all know who is at fault. Democrats have been holding down the black man since slavery and they still are.

        The GOP is not anti black. Hell they freed the slaves from democrats like Elwood. But they are very much anti crime and anti soft on punishment whereas the democrats think they capture the black vote that way. Not any more Elwood. We are awake and we know who our friends are and they aren’t YOU.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:


          We all understand the extent of Black offenders, but we certainly disagree on the cause of violent and property crime in the poor, mostly Black neighborhoods of many US cities. There were plenty of violent white slums too.

          What you are scared crapless to acknowledge is that white Americans herded our Black brothers and sisters into inner cities many decades ago. Then after WWII the middle class fled the cities for the suburbs, eroding the urban tax base and leaving those who couldn’t afford to move behind. And yes, the local, state and federal gov’t actions exacerbated the problems – subsidizing loans, forcing white kids into school with black kids, highways enabling suburban and ex-urban commutes. Few jobs, few services, few businesses, inferior schools, little hope and little future. But we can all acknowledge that recognizing that fact will not solve the problems any more than your blaming liberals will.

          Where impoverished peoples are forced together you see crime. Melanin is not to blame.

          Why is Black unemployment always higher than for whites? Why is the median wealth of Black families so much lower than for white families?

          Do you think it’s all because of liberal policies? Or as most conservatives believe; that Blacks are lazy and stupid? Do you think Blacks are just inherently violent?

          • david7134 says:

            Sorry Jeff, all of that is wrong an typical of those afflicted with white guilt. As to skin color, rather those with genes that originate from sub-Saharan Africa. That group has demonstrated a tendency to low IQ compared to the rest of the world. Now I am not saying all, but the ratio seems to be 80% afflicted as 20% are able to function on normal terms with the rest of the world. Then individuals like yourself run around and blame white people for the social issues that these poor people have as they are forced into a competitive environment that they can not handle. On top of that we find that this same group of people have a distinct tendency to violent behavior as proven by recent studies, look it up. Thus blacks world wide have a 3% or better likelihood of committing a violent crime than others, in the US it is 7%.

            Failure to address this issue is worsening the plight of blacks, not helping. Ignoring their crimes only separates them from the rest of society. Blaming their actions on whites just makes them more of a failure and indicates that you are the racist, not the bad white man of 100 years ago. Most people are now concerned about about the rising crime in cities and towns, subways and generally any area where blacks might be expected. Again, you discount this, making it ok for bad people to do bad things and blowing off the problem, thus making it worse. We did not force blacks into ghettos as Europeans did to Jews. We did arrange for blacks to not be able to purchase near white communities due to their unsafe nature. That is natural and nothing wrong with it. Blacks could counter this by education and curbing violence. Instead rap culture and other issues worsen the problem. Politicians use these social problems to gain a voting base, as per the Dem party.

            I could go on, but just understand your opinion and distortion of reality are repugnant and only worsens the issue.

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