Doom: Ocean Could Maybe Possibly See Mass Extinction

If it’s a day ending in a Y it means it’s a great day to pimp/prognosticate some sort of Doom

Ocean animals face a mass extinction from climate change, study finds

Not since an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs — along with at least half of all other beings on Earth — has life in the ocean been so at risk.

Warming waters are cooking creatures in their own habitats. Many species are slowly suffocating as oxygen leaches out of the seas. Even populations that have managed to withstand the ravages of overfishing, pollution and habitat loss are struggling to survive amid accelerating climate change.

Cooking? Yeah, this is nothing related to science. Just batshit insane cult. And a news outlet engaging in non-news practices.

If humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase, according to a study released Thursday, roughly a third of all marine animals could vanish within 300 years.

Oh, 300 years? Well, that’s convenient for the timeline. How about the Washington Post and all the other outlets pimping the “study” make their operations carbon neutral? There are easily hundreds of news articles on this.

The findings, published in the journal Science, reveal a potential mass extinction looming beneath the waves. The oceans have absorbed a third of the carbon and 90 percent of the excess heat created by humans, but their vast expanse and forbidding depths mean scientists are just beginning to understand what creatures face there.

Excess heat? A whopping 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit since 1850.

Yet the study by Princeton University earth scientists Justin Penn and Curtis Deutsch also underscores how much marine life could still be saved. If the world takes swift action to curb fossil fuel use and restore degraded ecosystems, the researchers say, it could cut potential extinctions by 70 percent.

“This is a landmark paper,” Malin Pinsky, a Rutgers University biologist who did not contribute to the paper, said in an interview. “If we’re not careful, we’re headed for a future that I think to all of us right now would look quite hellish. … It’s a very important wake-up call.”

Yeah, basically it’s an activist paper, based on climate cult dogma, not science.

Using climate models that predict the behavior of species based on simulated organism types, Deutsch and Penn found that the number of extirpations, or local disappearances of particular species, increases about 10 percent with every 1 degree Celsius of warming.

And there we go, garbage in/garbage out computer models.

The researchers tested their models by using them to simulate a mass extinction at the end of the Permian period, when catastrophic warming triggered by volcanic eruptions wiped out roughly 90 percent of all life on Earth. Because the models successfully replicated the events of 250 million years ago, the scientists were confident in their predictions for what might happen 300 years in the future.

There were no fossil fueled vehicles then: what caused it? And why can’t today’s warming be mostly caused by nature? Oh, right, sorry, I’m a heretic for daring to ask.

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7 Responses to “Doom: Ocean Could Maybe Possibly See Mass Extinction”

  1. Hairy. says:

    Teach always tries to use 1850 as a starting point
    He refuses to acknowledge what his former fsv scientist Riy Spenser now says about the recent temp rise which shows much higher rate of increase in the last 50 years.
    So Trach how is the temp increase trending?

    • Jl says:

      Nice try, Johnny. You’ve been shown that this rate is actually lower than earlier in the Holocene. Shall I show them to you again to help jog your short memory? “Increase trending:. Geez, John-it’s not really the trend but why, how much, and the effect of the trend

  2. Hairy says:

    NJ lost its once quite extensive lobster harvest because of what you call a miniscule temp increase
    After a female lobster sheds her eggs they float to the surface Temps 72 and above definitely show increases in mortality. And these Temps are occurring in NJ waters more frequently

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Hairy: “NJ lost its once quite extensive lobster harvest…”

      Once again you throw out a definitive statement without citing your source. I do know that NJ isn’t known for lobster. Maine is. And it depends upon the species of lobster you’re referring to. Most people know that shifting tides and storm erosion and many other natural occurrences account for almost all of what happens in the sea with the notable exception of pollution and overfishing. I think many “experts” conflate natural phenomena with man caused results to hype their propaganda.

      Listening to climate cultists and their dedication to all things affecting climate adversely is like listening to covidians and believing the vaccine work.


  3. Facts Matter says:

    CBS News Videos
    Lobster population grows amid global warming
    December 18, 2021

    Just the FACTS MAN!

    • UnkleC says:

      ‘Cold water Lobster’, $25/lb at HEB 30Apr2022.

      • UnkleC says:

        Apologies, an addendum: The HEB store I trade at is on the north side of Houston. I should have given a location reference. All of our cold water seafood comes air-freight.

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