LGB Sets Up Disinformation Governance Board

It was set up in secret. For all those liberals cheering this, just remember, this could be used against you, Comrade.

Did Congress authorize this?

Biden sets up toothless ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ to combat midterm fake news headed by Russia ‘expert’ who called Hunter’s laptop a ‘Trump campaign product’ and spoke out AGAINST free speech

President Biden has set up a toothless ‘disinformation’ board headed-up by a woke so-called expert who’s against free speech and tried to pour cold water on the Hunter laptop scandal.

Nina Jankowicz will head The Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board as executive director, Politico Playbook reported Wednesday morning.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandor Mayorkas did not disclose any powers that would be granted to the dystopian-sounding board while addressing lawmakers on Wednesday.

He explained that the board would work to tackle disinformation ahead of the November midterms, particularly in Hispanic communities.

But Mayorkas did say that the new board would come under the Biden-era Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships (CP3), meaning it would have no powers to crack down on disinformation and will instead try to combat it by throwing money at what it sees as problems.

Yes, it is rather dystopian. Sounds like something China or Russia would come up with. The Government has no Constitutional authority to regulate free speech. Have these people read the 1st Amendment?

The (CP3) program provides communities with resources and tools to help prevent individuals from radicalizing to violence. Last year, CP3 awarded about $20 million in grants through its Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention Grant Program.

Yeah, most of the violence came from the same people voting Democrat.

Jankowicz also suggested last week that she opposes the The First Amendment because she thinks it is bad for ‘marginalized communities’ and called Elon Musk a ‘free speech absolutist’ because he wants to make Twitter more open to all voices.

Shouldn’t someone in charge of a “board” like this need to be confirmed by Congress? The GOP is going to have quite a bit on their plate when investigating the Biden admin, including this bit of insanity. I wonder if any Free Speech group will sue over the creating of this board?

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13 Responses to “LGB Sets Up Disinformation Governance Board”

  1. ruralcounsel says:

    More disinformation comes from our own government than just about anywhere else. They will only tell the truth when it benefits themselves. Otherwise, you can bet what you hear or read will be lies. And what you don’t hear or read … lies of omission.

    • Elwood P. dOwd says:

      Most disinformation comes from the American right-wing disinformation machine.

      Vaccines kill more than they save.
      Trump won.
      Ivermectin works.
      Fauci created Covid with the Chinese.
      Grade schools are “grooming” kids to be LGBTQ
      Ukraine is not a democracy.
      Jan 6 was a FBI/antifa operation.
      Masks don’t work.
      Obama was born in Kenya.
      Global warming is hoax.

      • drowningpuppies says:

        Give it a rest, groomer.
        Nobody’s buying your spiel.

        Bwaha! Lolgfy https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

        • Two Gun Safes Elwood P. dOwd says:

          We don’t take advice from perverted incels.

          Bwaha! Lolgfy

        • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

          drowningpuppies, I don’t think QdOwd gets it. He’s become irrelevant, useless, unimpressive and sounds like a broken record of lies, misinformation and projection The only reason we even read his shit is for shits and giggles.

          QdOwd, like his lying, cheating, grooming, perverted party is a thing of the past. We have zoomed past the so called “progressives” and now are the face of the new better freer future. The very thought of his gay friends at CNN+ being canned and Elon Musk buying Twitter has him , well, all a twitter. His old lady panties are in a boa like twist and he can’t take it any more. If he actually had balls he’d slit his own throat but he can’t even do that.

          Looking at his commie future the QdOwdist sees nothing but emptiness and despair. All his lying misinformation outlets are becoming laughing stocks because of their deception and cover ups. Wear a mask, wait don’t wear a mask. Lets lock down the pizza joint so you won’t get China flu but leave WalMart open? they are all preposterous lies and the left is so invested in them they can’t figure a way out without looking like the total fools they are. It’s funny, really.

          He buries his face in his Red Chinese knock-off of a My Pillow and cries himself to sleep dreaming of the clarion days where people listened to all his lies, projections and false accusations as if they were true. Now he is seen as no more than a pathetic, trans loving, minority exploiting, America hating projectionist for people with deep psychological problems. We always knew it!

          FJB, Hunter, all the dem perverts and QdOwd. Bye-bye in November (unless you can manage another steal).

          • drowningpuppies says:

            Rimjob gets particularly upset with the #AssRapinGrandpa hash tag.
            Wonder why.

            Bwaha! Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

  2. Matthew says:

    .gov is to “disinformation” as Exxon/Mobil is to petroleum products. It’s all they do and they do more of it than anyone else.

    About the only things we can be absolutely certain of is that whatever this is, there will be no governance board, this has nothing to do with Homeland Security, Mayorkas will not be directing it and Nina Jankowicz will be paid 6 figures for a no-show position that will zero say in where all these “grants” go.

  3. How the left would have howled had something like this been set up under President Trump!

    • CarolAnn says:

      And how they will howl when President DeSantis aims their sites on the left. Oh, how they’ll howl.

  4. Facts Matter says:

    Speaking of TRUTH.

    PFIZER filed with the SEC. Basically a filing telling investors WHY they should choose Pfizer to invest their money.

    6 pages deep in the filing was a couple of very troubling paragraphs.

    I will paraphrase here of what they told investors.

    Most of our money comes from the vaccine and we cannot guarantee the vaccine will be efficacious and unless it is used as an Emmergency use authorization which does not require picky regulators checking how many people we kill each year.

    Its there.

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