California Trots Out Bill To Make Workweek 32 Hours

It’s also some sort of Idea with these people

Proposed bill would shorten California workweek to 32 hours. Here’s what you need to know

unintended consequencesA proposed bill winding its way through the state Legislature could make California the first state in the nation to reduce its workweek to four days for a large swath of workers.

The bill, AB 2932, would change the definition of a workweek from 40 hours to 32 hours for companies with more than 500 employees. A full workday would remain at eight hours, and employers would be required to provide overtime pay for employees working longer than four full days.

The bill was authored by Assembly Members Cristina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens) and Evan Low (D-San Jose). At the federal level, a bill by Rep. Mark Takano (D-Riverside) is pushing for similar changes under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

So, anything over 32 would require time and a half? What could possibly go wrong? Companies not allowing any time over 32. Maybe hiring more part time to fill the gap. Passing on the increased labor costs to the consumer. Oh, hey, how about getting the hell out of California. It has a better chance there than nationally.

Reached by phone Friday, Garcia said the idea was prompted in part by the exodus of employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, many of whom were seeking a better quality of life. More than 47 million Americans voluntarily quit their jobs in 2021, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“We’ve had a five-day workweek since the Industrial Revolution,” Garcia said, “but we’ve had a lot of progress in society, and we’ve had a lot of advancements. I think the pandemic right now allows us the opportunity to rethink things, to reimagine things.”

Why is this the business of government? Why can’t they just piss off?

Opponents say a four-day workweek would stunt job growth in the state and could create untenable conditions for employers. The California Chamber of Commerce included the bill on its “job killer” list, writing that it would significantly increase labor costs, expose employers to litigation and impose requirements that are “impossible to comply with.”

Just make everyone part time, hence, no need to pay benefits. It would, of course, increase part time employment. A lot of people would be working two jobs.

The bill as written would apply to employers in California with at least 500 employees. According to the state’s Employment Development Department, that’s about 2,600 businesses and more than 3.6 million employees.

My bet is the number of those companies will get down to about 200, having moved elsewhere.

Unionized workforces, or those with collective bargaining agreements, are exempt, Garcia said.

Surprise! The Dems pushing this know it would hurt union workers, as they would see their hours cut, benefits cut, and companies bolt. If it’s not good enough for them, why is it good enough for others?

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9 Responses to “California Trots Out Bill To Make Workweek 32 Hours”

  1. Doom and Gloom says:





    PLEASE!!! FREE MONEY. FREE EVERYTHING. Don’t even have to work!!!

    Just lollygag to your heart’s content. Do what you do best. WHINE ABOUT EVERYTHING.

  2. Elwood P. dOwd says:

    Aren’t “States the laboratories of democracy”, umm.. the republic?

    Cons: “Clearly America has suffered greatly from labor laws enforced by the Feds.”

    Although the tRump-recession per capita GDP dropped in 2020 (only the 2nd time since 1960 – the other being the Bush-recession drop) it still stood at over $63,000 per person. History shows the GDP increasing, increasing, increasing.

    So a 40 hr workweek is perfect but 32 hr is the end of America – or at least of California, the world’s 6th largest economy? Makes sense (BTW – without CA, red states have to pay their own way).

    Cons would eliminate child labor laws, NLRA, overtime pay, accessibility standards, safety regulations, labor unions, workers comp, labor strikes, OSHA, Social Security, anti-trust laws, Medicaid, collective bargaining…

    Cons: “Slavery is the perfect economic system.”

    Cons: “Libs are destroying America with their concern for the working class!”

    Are any Covian commenters members of a labor union? Or do you benefit from membership in a professional org, like doctors and lawyers do?


  3. Hairy says:

    Remember Teach’s hysterical fesrmongeting over tge 15$ minimum?
    Unemployment is at 3.6%
    Would our economy benefit from more workers coming to the USA ?
    Why does a combo Big Ma meal cost 8$ in NYC and the same in Raleigh? But the minimum wage is twice as high?
    Teach are you still paying ykur workers 1/2 of what NYC workers get? Are ykur cell phones 50% cheaper?

    • Facts Matter says:

      Remember Teach’s hysterical fesrmongeting over tge 15$ minimum?

      US economy flashes a recession warning sign – CNN

      Apr 07, 2022 · The U.S. is going to fall into a recession by 2023, Deutsche Bank economists predict.


      Today what his happening. A huge raise in minimum wages, Higher that shit gas prices and a mindboggling inflated stock market.

      De Ja Vue.

      Hairy asks his nurse at the nursing home. Would our economy benefit from more workers coming to the USA ?

      UH hairy you pointed out a simple fact. Unemployment is at 3.6%

      So if that is an honest assessment of our labor market the answer would be a huge NO.

      However we all know they are lying. Millions of people dropped out of the market terrified of Covid. Thanks for that Hairy/DOWD you have done you China duty for this year.

      Hairy mumbles to himself as he searches for his dentures….Why does a combo Big Ma meal cost 8$ in NYC and the same in Raleigh? But the minimum wage is twice as high?

      This simply is not true. You can do a little searching and get actual prices in NYC MacDonalds vs NC MacDonalds prices and the difference is roughly 2.00. The price in NYC averages 10 dollars and not 8 dollars. I will not post the information yourself. Go look it up. Its easy to do you can get online menus from every MacDonalds in the world practically.

      Take the time hairy to actually look stuff up to have the facts. I know….I know when you look stuff up the facts are so inconvienient for you that you just make stuff up to feel better about your communist desires for America.

      So Hairy receives 10 Pinochio’s but that’s okay, AOC constantly gets 10 from the NY Times for everything she says and they are leftist apologists at the Times.

  4. Hairy says:

    Sorry Doomy but SOROS has given strict orders for lefties to move from NY and CA to Texas as we are hoping to make it Blue before 2028 through a combination of immigration and covid deaths from unvaccnated MAGA men and alsoow white birth rates.
    Blue owns the wombs

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Not only are you vulgar and criminally heartless you must be dreaming. If you are correct then why are DEms switching all over the country and why is the DNC in panic mode?

      BTW if blue owned the wombs the poor kids in them would be dead. 805% of all abortions are on Democrat constituents.

      FJB and the schva.

  5. I spent my entire career working well over 40 hours a week; that’s simply what the ready-mixed concrete industry requires. Some contractors pour in the morning, and some pour in the afternoon. Wall crews especially pour in the afternoons, strip and then reset their forms the following morning, and pour again in the afternoon. 12+ hour days are pretty much the norm outside of winter, and we worked most Saturdays as well. I’ve had 18 and 20 hour days, I’ve had night pours, all of that.

    For awhile I ran a satellite plant, but also did the night pours out of the main plant. Start at 8:00 PM, three loads, wait until the contractor was sure he had enough, then head home. A few times the contractor ran short, and I had to send a fourth load. I’d leave a note in the dispatch office to page me at 6:00 AM, because in stead of going home, I’d just head for the satellite plant and sleep in my truck.

    That’s how the industry works, and if you aren’t super busy, you can count on it: the economy is in a recession!

    So, if the Pyrite State mandates a 32-hour week, with overtime after that, the state will be mandating higher costs for concrete, because the state will have imposed higher costs on the industry.

    Everything flows downhill from that. Concrete is one of the early expenses in construction, following only site excavation and grading, because concrete is used for the foundations. Contractors will need bigger ‘draws’ — partial payments for construction as the job progresses — and owners will have to charge more for completed buildings not only due to the increased prices for concrete, but increased interest payments as earlier draws become more expensive.

    Of course, concrete expenses continue through projects, as exterior work comes later.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Dana, why would any California commie care one iota about increased costs, time and supply management or profit or for that matter any of the other points you made? Those are the problems for the dirt people, the deplorables. Even those higher costs and interest payments you mention will be passed off to the consumer while the Democrat billionaires and their government and union partners eat at The French Laundry and plan their next coup. Maskless, I assure you.

      They are busy planning the important things like having their AFT operatives teach 5 year olds about how they can and want to change sexes, how the white ones are racists and always will be and the black ones are victims and always will be “owed” something from the others especially the evil whites. And of course they need to determine if they want to steal the midterms the old fashion way by dead people voting and stuffing ballot boxes or if they think they need another “emergency” to close in person voting and put unguarded “drop boxes” all over. Just a matter of logistics they’ll figure it out.

      FJB and his criminal son.

  6. Elwood P. dOwd says:

    California must be doing some things right. Their per capita GDP trails only DC, NY, WA and MA.

    In addition, they account for 15% of the national GDP! It’s economy is bigger than TX and FL combined!! So you better nice to CA or they’ll secede and red states will have to start supporting themselves rather than depending on Uncle Sugar.

    California’s economy is bigger than WV, SC, ID, AL, KY, TN, LA, AR, WY, SD, ND, OK, MO, MS, AL, UT, IA, MT, combined. It’s per capita GDP is greater than all those states. Red States DO have bigger pick-up truck tires, though. As a Wyoming cowgirl told me once, “There’s an inverse correlation between tire size and junk size.”

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