Oops: Big COVID Outbreak From Gridiron Club Dinner

There are all the people who screeched at people for refusing to be OK with masking and lockdowns and such, who were in favor of government tyranny

After Gridiron Dinner, a covid outbreak among Washington A-list guests

More than a dozen guests who attended Saturday night’s Gridiron Club dinner – including two Cabinet members, two members of Congress and a top aide to Vice President Harris – have since tested positive for coronavirus, sending ripples of anxiety through a city on the cusp of restarting its traditional social whirl after a two-year pause.

A-list guests were asked to show proof of vaccination but not negative tests, and many mingled freely without masks at the dinner at the downtown Renaissance Washington Hotel.

But by Wednesday, Reps. Adam B. Schiff, D-Calif., and Joaquin Castro, D-Texas and Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo had announced they had tested positive. They were soon followed by Attorney General Merrick Garland, who requested a test Wednesday afternoon after learning he may have been exposed – and discovered that he, too, carried the virus. Thus far, none have reported serious illness.

Jamal Simmons, the communications director for Vice President Harris, said later Wednesday he, too, had tested positive and is now isolating at home. But since he had been in close contact with Harris, she would also be consulting with a physician, her press secretary said.

Not that wearing a mask really would have made much difference, but, these are the Elites, so, even if masking was required, only the servants would have been required to wear one.

The Washington Post has learned of about a half-dozen journalists as well as members of the White House and National Security Council staffs who said they tested positive after the event. Their names are being withheld because they have not announced their status publicly.


Among those in attendance were Anthony S. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious-disease expert and Rochelle Walensky, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Who wants to be they had no masks on? Oh, wait, what’s this?

The dinner was supposed to reflect a return to normalcy after being canceled the past two years because of the pandemic. Few guests wore masks or observed social distancing, according to people in attendance. Only the serving staff was consistently masked throughout the evening. While organizers asked attendees to show their vaccination cards at the door, there was no requirement to be tested.

Who’s surprised that the peons were forced to mask up?

Oh, and

(The Hill) The COVID-19 outbreak hitting official Washington has reached Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff, Drew Hammill, announced Pelosi’s diagnosis in a statement, saying the Speaker is showing no symptoms associated with the virus.

“After testing negative this week, Speaker Pelosi received a positive test result for COVID-19 and is currently asymptomatic. The Speaker is fully vaccinated and boosted, and is thankful for the robust protection the vaccine has provided,” Hammill also wrote in a tweet.

“The Speaker will quarantine consistent with CDC guidance, and encourages everyone to get vaccinated, boosted and test regularly,” he said.

Pelosi was at the White House on Wednesday alongside President Biden for the signing of a Postal Service reform bill.


Look, I wish them all well, hope their symptoms are mild, but, really, they’ve preached at us, whined, screeched, and, yet, put themselves in position to get Chinese coronavirus.

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7 Responses to “Oops: Big COVID Outbreak From Gridiron Club Dinner”

  1. Hairy says:

    So far as I have heard none are showing any symptoms at all. They are probably all vaxxed and boosted however Pelosi is 82yo.

  2. Mr. Proton says:

    Aren’t these the same people who “saved” us by stomping all over the First Amendment? Didn’t they shut down churches and funerals and gatherings and weddings and speech? Didn’t they create “rules” out of thin air, and suddenly the CDC had the power to prevent evictions?

    Aren’t these the same people who closed the schools that we pay for, locked up our children indoors, made everyone wear masks, and close the economy… except for their Big Box pals?

    All because “this disease will kill us if we catch it?”

    Wasn’t that the logic? Wasn’t that the story? Even after the vaccine… and then the second one… and the third one… and now the fourth one… isn’t this a “DO WHAT WE TELL YOU, OR WE WILL ALL DIE!” kind of thing?

    If so, then the least that these people can do is walk the walk and prove that they were right.

    So, when do they die? When does this disease drain their life force and prove that they were right?

    • Mr Proton wrote:

      If so, then the least that these people can do is walk the walk and prove that they were right.

      You do realize that the rules were for the plebeians, not the Patricians, right?

  3. Dana says:

    The Philadelphia Inquirer is predicting that the city will reimpose its indoor mask mandate on Monday.

    Of course, all of the people listed as having contracted the virus have been either asymptomatic or had only mild symptoms, and it wasn’t that long ago that the FDA head predicted that virtually everyone would contract the virus eventually.

  4. drowningpuppies says:

    Wonder who was serving the food and drinks (cough, cough)?

    Bwaha! Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

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