Climate (cult) Scientists Super Worried About 5 Scenarios Or Something

Since you refuse to buy and EV and give your money and freedom to government, the climate crisis (scam) is almost irreversible

The world is ‘perilously close’ to irreversible climate change. 5 tipping points keep scientists up at night

Five years ago, the United Nations’ panel on climate change was charged with drafting a series of reports detailing its science, the effects on the planet and how humanity might save itself.

The last of those reports arrived this week, and the news is dire. The world’s scientists say the crisis is upon us, and unless we act now, multiple crucial planetary systems are on the cusp of permanent damage.

“We can’t kick this can down the road any longer,” said Andrea Dutton, a geoscientist at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

We’ve been hearing this for 30 years, and things are still fine

Here are five tipping points scientists say could start to teeter in our children’s lifetime:

  • Amazon rainforest becomes a savanna (maybe worry less about ‘climate change’ and more about environmental issues in the Amazon)
  • Coral reefs die (the same reefs that love warm water? And did fine when the sees were higher?)
  • Ice sheets melting (time is running out, you know. So what if this has been happening for over 20K years?)
  • Atlantic circulation stops (they won’t give up on this scaremongering that’s all your fault)
  • The ‘snow forest’ disappears (that’s what can happen during a Holocene warm period. Nothing to do with Mankind’s “carbon footprint”)

And, of course, they’re saying the time to do something is now. Not enough for them to do something in their own lives, minds you.

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2 Responses to “Climate (cult) Scientists Super Worried About 5 Scenarios Or Something”

  1. Dana says:

    How many irreversible tipping points have we already passed?

    I’m betting that NASA has hidden all of the satellite photos showing us that the Arctic was ice free in 2007, as Al Gore told us it would be.

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