Jimmy Page Vs Eddie Van Halen

Something different. And interesting enough to post it. It’s a tough one.

First there’s Page: one of the original rock gods, starting back in the 1960’s. Lead guitarist for the greatest band in rock and roll. One of the greatest songs in R&R history, Stairway to Heaven. Every single LZ album is at least an A. Extremely innovate, bringing all sorts of themes and styles. He played many guitars, including the double neck with the 12 string. He could also play the mandolin, dulcimer, theremin, bass (he started with the Yardbirds on bass), banjo, harmonica, dobro, sitar, keyboards, tambourine, tambura, hurdy gurdy, and pedal steel guitar. His written music is often more complicated than it sounds.

EVH: one of the fastest guitar players ever. Innovative with the sounds he could create with the guitar. One of the most influential guitarists of the 80’s and forward. Also plays the keyboards. Overall, probably a bit better on consistently great solos than Page. Incredible themes.

Tough choice. Gotta go with Page. What do you think?

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10 Responses to “Jimmy Page Vs Eddie Van Halen”

  1. Biggyrat says:

    Love me some Eddie V, but I have to go with Mr Jimmy. His versatility on the axe is unmatched.

  2. Mr Keebasa says:

    Saw LZ at 17 y/o from the 3rd row. Mind blown. Like EVH. Gotta Page tho. Hell, he lived in Alistar Crowley’s house.

  3. Mr. Dog says:

    EVH was phenomenal, but Page, hands down.

  4. drowningpuppies says:

    Gimme Glen Campbell or Chet Atkins any day.

    • RobM says:

      Both were unbelievably creative. EVH was not only musically creative, but he was literally an inventor.

      However, there wasn’t a Page song/riff that EVH couldn’t play. Better, usually.

      The reverse isn’t true. Page was sloppy, and could never play EVH riffs. Not just speed, but technique.

      EVH, 100%

  5. MrToad says:

    Eddie Van Halen was precise. Every note was there for a reason.

    Jimmy Page was more about letting the guitar take him where it takes him.

    Eric Clapton makes his guitar scream for mercy on his solos.

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  7. Jeff Allen says:

    Jimmy Page can continue to demonstrate his qualities;
    Eddie Van Halen, unfortunately, cannot.
    That’s got to count for something….

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