Your Fault: ‘Climate Change’ Could Maybe Lead To 50% Increase In Wildfires

If by anthropogenic climate change, they mean a bunch of idiots and pyros causing wildfires, sure. Otherwise, this is simply more scaremongering from the UN IPCC in their upcoming report

Climate Scientists Warn of a ‘Global Wildfire Crisis’
Worsening heat and dryness could lead to a 50 percent rise in off-the-charts fires, according to a United Nations report.

A landmark United Nations report has concluded that the risk of devastating wildfires around the world will surge in coming decades as climate change further intensifies what the report described as a “global wildfire crisis.”

The scientific assessment is the first by the organization’s environmental authority to evaluate wildfire risks worldwide. It was inspired by a string of deadly blazes around the globe in recent years, burning the American West, vast stretches of Australia and even the Arctic.

The images from those fires — cities glowing under orange skies, smoke billowing around tourist havens and heritage sites, woodland animals badly injured and killed — have become grim icons of this era of unsettled relations between humankind and nature.

“The heating of the planet is turning landscapes into tinderboxes,” said the report, which was published on Wednesday by the United Nations Environment Program.

“Landmark.” Apparently, that’s what they call a report based on looking into a crystal ball, ie, computer models.

The report, produced by more than 50 researchers from six continents, estimated that the risk worldwide of highly devastating fires could increase by up to 57 percent by the end of the century, primarily because of climate change. The risks will not be distributed equally: Some regions are likely to see more fire activity, while others may experience less.

“Could.” As usual, hedging their bets, because they really do not know. And put the date out 78 years because no one will be able to call them on their BS at that point.

Researchers have determined that the extreme heat wave in the Pacific Northwest last year almost certainly would not have occurred without planetary warming caused by greenhouse-gas emissions. Scientists have also found the fingerprints of climate change on brush fires in Australia and extreme heat and burning in Siberia.

It’s a doomsday cult. Not based on science. Which conveniently forgets that just about every fire was intentionally or unintentionally set.

The U.N. report urges governments to become more proactive about fire hazards. Of every dollar spent in the United States on managing wildfires, almost 60 cents goes toward immediate firefighting responses, according to research cited in the report. Much less is spent on reducing fire risks in advance and helping communities recover in ways that could make them more resilient.

So, clearing the brush, using controlled burns, all that stuff? Oh, no, they mean forcing citizens to comply with the cult beliefs. Did they have problems during the previous Holocene warm periods?

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