If All You See…

…are mountains which will be safe from climate crisis induced sea rise, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is The First Street Journal, with a post on more murder in the Democratic Party run city of Philadelphia.

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12 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Please remember any criticism of the “President” during this “crisis” is “immoral”, “disloyal”, and plays right into Putin’s hands and likely means you’re a Kremlin asset or a useful idiot. Now is the time for caution and patriotism, not criticism or questioning. (Apologies to G. Greenwald)

    Especially when Brandon turns his back on the WH press corps without taking any questions.
    It’s called leadership, you commies, LEADERSHIP!

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    • david7134 says:

      You hit the target. I could not figure why we give a flip about Ukraine, but this statement sums it. The Dems are in such a tight spot after the steal that they bring us to the brink of war to try and get us quit about this corrupt, demented piece of shit and his retarded second. Don’t think it will work, even if the war gets hot.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Just read that some of Russia’s primary natural gas pipelines runs through Ukraine as well as Belarus. This pipeline critically needs updating or replacing, much like Nordstream I (Germany has now agreed to not activate Nordstream II at this time).

    The pipelines through Ukraine cost Russia over $2 billion a year for allowing the pipeline to traverse Ukraine through to Hungary, Germany and Romania.

    No doubt Putin desires the return of the USSR and is picking off nations, but he also wants to support Russia’s economy (nearly half of Russia’s export is natural gas). Belarus is under Russian control so Putin doesn’t worry about controlling their pipelines, by Ukraine has become Western-friendly over the past year or so and that is threatening.

    Russia is a giant gas station with an Army. Their Army is all about protecting the gas station.

  3. drowningpuppies says:

    Has anyone told Brandon that presidentin’ is hard?

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  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    What do the ‘patriots’ feel the US should do about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, if anything?

    • Down on the Corner says:

      Patriots feel that Biden and the left are beating the drums for another war.

      You do realize Elwood that the perpetual state of war is a means to keep wealth from accruing for the common man. It is the same thing as digging holes then filling them up. We do not want to create wealth which means that the PEOPLE will not NEED governments as much as they do today.

      Wealth is what drives everyone. No matter who you are, wealth is important to EAT, DRINK and have a place to live no matter how austere you make the rest of your life.

      WARS are ways in which we throw away wealth and keep the little man down. WARS are evil for a mulitutude of reasons not the least of which is its uncanny ability to take WEALTH AND BLOW IT UP!!!!!!

      Now even in DC the GOP is silent on this WAR. McConnell is convinced that the average Kentuckian is more interested in UKRAINE than he is the cost of gasoline, inflation, no job, mask mandates, and all the Illegals flooding the border threatening to drive down artificial wages.

      So what does the Average patriot think of Ukraine? Fuk em and Fuk Biden and FUK the Establishment who are trying to get another war drummed up to keep us all poor. IF the politicians don’t care about our own border then FUK Ukraine.

      Isn’t it the left who doesnt believe in borders anyway?

      • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

        You don’t understand. The Covid farce is now known except by the elite white Karen’s so that money train to Democrats is drying up. The only way such an unpopular fake president as Brandon (F’d be his name) can keep his power is by creating a NEW Emergency to replace the old one.

        You notice the fascist forces have re-walled DC in anticipation of those white supremacist/racist/misogynistic/homophobes called “truck drivers” driving to DC and honking their horns for Hitler. Notice how the dOwdists who always accuse us of being Nazi’s are the real Nazi’s. Yet they can’t see it!

        Now that the Anglophile fascists have taken Canada and turned it into a fascist state they aim at the USA. The dOwdists are aiming at our guns now. They will take them. There aren’t enough real patriots left in America to fill a school bus.

        One of the adjustments we’ll have to endure is the unremitting antagonism of the state.
        I can’t think of one positive thing done for us since Barry and the Dems slapped us upside the head with Obamacare. I believe there’s an organizing principle, and it’s pretty simple. For example, Trudeau’s foundation owns 40% of Acuitas Therapeutics which makes mechanic lipids for Pfizer. He gets paid for each injection.

        Hunter’s fangs are into Ukraine and the F joe biden’s have made millions off of it. So now Americans have to die to protect biden’s investment in Kiev. When the Dems are in power the rich get richer and the poor die to make sure!!!

        Apply this to any number of mandates. Green energy, emissions equipment, white fragility seminars, covid patents, CRT courses…they’re all like mafia “protection” rackets. You’re forced, at gunpoint, to buy something that makes them rich.
        That’s why they’re so eager to use force.

        Gangster government . Everything they do they do by threat of force or force itself. They rule by making us afraid to say no. They aren’t thinking about the future, or the people, or the nation, at all. And they don’t have to be smart, either.

        Let’s go Brandon, confiscation of property is the main tenet of your philosophy. Come and take it.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Do ‘patriots’ recommend that the US and western nations just ignore that Putin invaded a sovereign democracy? The US will not go to war with Putin unless Putin attacks the US, which would be unwise and unlikely, but V Putin is a sociopath/psychopath, so who knows.

        Nations of the world and the hapless UN need to stand united against Putin and this latest outrage, but there are few if any military options, and one as deranged as Putin is impervious to anything but brute force. The globe cannot afford a nuclear WWIII. Putin wants to rebuild the Soviet Union and protect and secure Russia’s fossil fuel revenues.

        Other former Eastern bloc nations have aligned with Putin, e.g., Hungary and Belarus – in addition, Putin’s long game is to destabilize nations that lean toward Western nations and NATO, i.e., Georgia and Ukraine. So far, Putin has been careful to avoid attacking the Baltic nations and Poland, all NATO members. Finland, NOT a NATO member, also borders Russian but is not a former Soviet Union territory.

        Some in the US consider Putin to be a ‘savvy genius’ and a brilliant strategist, but he’s actually a murderous dictator, not unlike Stalin, Hitler and Mao. Ukraine will fall to Russia, and soon.

        We ask that ‘patriots’ not defend Putin just because trump is in awe of him.

        • Down on the Corner says:

          We ask that ‘patriots’ not defend Putin just because trump is in awe of him.

          YOU LIE! Trump put more sanctions on Putin than anyone. He punished Putin Hard. He Blocked the pipeline that Biden Unblocked cause his ex buddies work for RUSSIA NOW. LOOK it up. So do EX GOP, none of whom are part of the Trump Patriot Movement.

          So understanding you are ill informed about Trump and us patriots I will grant you that the nations of the world need to stand economically against PUTIN.

          IF SO then DRILL, BABY, DRILL if its all about OIL and Natural GAS then DRILL. But no the left will whine and complain and try to shift the blame to the right while doing nothing about the ONE THING PUTIN HAS GOING FOR HIM THAT helps him fund his wars and his economy.

          FOSSIL FUELS.

          However, that being said……You and the left are allowing central and South America to invade the United States with DRUGS, gang members, child rapists, murderers, and the like, unabetted.

          What is the difference? Fix the border and we might start thinking about poor Ukraine. Until you fix our own problems and refuse to address what this is all about. With a shortage of Fossil Fuels and the price of OIL then you have ZERO Ammunition to fight because the LEFT WANTS THIS SHORTAGE TO GET EVEN WORSE while pretending outrage over a dictator attacking one of the most corrupt nations in Europe.

          You can’t figure the right out anymore, can you? That’s because we are fighting for our own freedom against leftists who would take it away. Don’t have time to be running off to Ukraine and fighting their wars too. IMO.

        • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

          dOwd: “We ask that ‘patriots’ not defend Putin just because trump is in awe of him.”

          No matter how fkin’ stupid your insane ramblings sound your partisanship and hate for your fellow Americans always is your priority. Especially for Trump who as you may notice did not get us into a war with Russia. So what are you bitching about? Because “the Big Guy” will miss some graft payments from his Ukrainian pals?

          Hunter can sell a few extra “paintings”. I hear they’re going for up to $10 million now. The boy has a mind for business doesn’t he?

          Brandon’s America will certainly respond, right after they finish reforming our once great military into a woke diverse social club that doesn’t want to appear threatening to the world. When I look at the current cabinet, and the entire administration, all I can think is, we have never seen a more inept gathering of degenerate, unqualified, America haters. I have confidence Biden can make it worse.

          Why not? The unelected dupe already destroyed out medical field now nobody trusts doctors any more. He has the military wearing Gucci pumps. He has a trans fag in an admirals dress, a female half of a pair of fag lovers as Transportation sec too busy “breast feeding” to do it’s job, a bunch of 80IQ minority picks in all sorts of deep state positions to rubber stamp his communist policy, a navy and army in disrepair and led by beta males more interested in white supremacy than winning wars and he’s made a laughing stock of out military from is Afghanistan initiative.

          Fake elections indeed do have consequences. Our government has lost the faith of our people and oddly they don’t care because they hate us anyway.

          Brandon want’s to protect the sovereignty of Ukraine but what about our Southern border? Don’t we deserve sovereignty and security?

          Let’s go Brandon, show your dOwdist supporters what a man you are and bomb Russia for Elwood.

  5. drowningpuppies says:

    Rimjob, dipshit that he is, still blaming Trump.
    Guess he forgets Brandon is running the show.
    Obama warned us, “Don’t Underestimate Joe’s Ability to Fuck Things Up’.
    And fuck things up he’s done.

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