Warmist John Kerry Says We Need To Act Like This Is An Existential Threat

By we, he means you

Not him (more below the more tag)

Strange. He flies all around the world a lot, drives fossil fueled vehicles, has multiple homes. This is what they want to do, to get you to believe in this cultist claptrap, get you to give up your money, freedom, and liberty, while they make no changes in their own lives.

Yeah, it’s in France. He sailed, right?

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12 Responses to “Warmist John Kerry Says We Need To Act Like This Is An Existential Threat”

  1. Hairy says:

    Wages went up 5.7% under Biden for a net inflation of 2%. This was driven by the fact the global fossil fuel prices have SKYROCKETED and if Trumps best friend forever Putin does invade Ukraine. may go up another 50%.
    6.6 million jobs created in one year surpassing Tumps first year record of 2 million jobs.

    Teach the economy has been doing very well since Biden took over. The Trump virus (what you thought was just fake news) has killed close to 1 million Americans. Trump virus deaths
    are still by very high at 3000 per day but now are mainly among those idiots who refuse to be vaccinated. The unvaccinated ( mostly Trump supporters) now have a death rate 30 times as high as vaccinated. maybe you forgot how bad things were under Trump after he told us ” the virus will magically go away when it gets warmer in April” ? Apparently YOU believed him?

    • ruralcounsel says:

      Biden’s economy benefits from the fact it is coming out of the 2019 covid depression, so we are just getting back to where we should have been 2 years ago. Despite Biden, not because of. And it really is only doing well for the big mega-corporations that were allowed to stay open. Johns Hopkins just showed the lockdowns did NOTHING to stop covid deaths. Tyson’s fired all their unvaccinated workers and hired unvaccinated Afghan refugees to replace them.

      Biden’s anti-carbon energy policies have driven the US from being energy independent to importing again.

      The US doesn’t publish reliable covid mortality data. 900,000 deaths WITH covid, not because of covid. Maybe 10% of those were because of covid. Which is FEWER deaths per year than we historically have from flu.

      Scotland just decided to quit publishing their data because it showed the vaccinated were dying at higher rates than the unvaccinated. Same for Israel, Germany, England.

      And it’s the Wuhan virus …. odds are it was not a lab accident, but the deep state released it purposefully under Trump’s term to create chaos for the 2020 elections. 50/50 one or the other.

    • Down on the Corner says:

      Wow, wages are up. Awesome. You Sciency guys are all about PERCENTS and not about cause and effect.

      Biden has added lots of jobs after YOU SCIENCY GUYS told Trump to shut everything down. YOU Sciency guys destroyed the economy and then blame Trump for the virus and praise Biden for adding back jobs despite your coveted blue states being locked down for nearly two years before their PERCENTS IN POLLING finally started scaring the waste matter out of them more than the cold scared them.

      The lust for power amazingly even forces Democrats to become republicans and a panicky fear of a virus suddenly is less important than polling numbers.

      >LOLO> 6.6 million jobs after you FIRED 15 million people for all kinds of SCIENCY REASONS. You are claiming YOU, BIDEN, The LEFT added back 6.6 million jobs.

      NO…most of those were added back by red states that would never comply with your dictatorial mandates. I know you just hate people that are brave and are not afraid of the virus. My wife said Fuck the virus if I’m gonna die, a plane will fall out of the sky and kill me. She had Delta and was sick a couple of weeks and went back to work. Without a shot.

      She now has stronger resistance to covid than if she had a shot. Now after suddenly blue states are opening up all these studies about natural immunity by those getting the virus appear to show that you have more immunity than if you took the shot.

      No the left are liars, thiefs and cowards. They are insurrectionists who laugably are pretending to be the guardians of democracy. Their version of democracy is MAO’s wet dream.

      No one trusts you and even Democrats want Hillary Clinton Investigated. 66 percent to be exact.

      The Russia collusion narrative is dead Hairy, or did you fail to get the message?

      • Mr Keebasa says:

        Should be fun waiting to see what the vaxx effects coming down the pike will be. I don’t think I’d be anticipating that like a 5y/o waiting for Christmas.

      • ruralcounsel says:

        Name one non-government job Biden has created.

  2. ruralcounsel says:

    The science does NOT support the concept that global warming is an existential problem. Only the politics supports that idea. And we all know how politics drives the narrative.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Relax. We’ve all proved we’ll do nothing to slow global warming. What we WILL do is apply plasters to the outcomes – build seawalls, migrate, insulate buildings, weatherize power plants etc.

  4. Hairy says:

    Biden has benefitted because Trump’s economy collapsed? Lol
    And do you now expect Biden to thank Trump for doing such a shitty job ?
    The US has had over 1 million excess deaths. Thst is more than normal be expected. Try using thst comorbidities defense if you shoot someone, it won’t work. John’s Hopkins study has not been peer reviewed nor has it been endorsed by that University. How valid dies thst make it? Did the source (probably some blogger) bother to tell you that?
    Here is my own study (not peer reviewed yet, have at it) Cali and Texas have similar total deaths but Vali has a population 10 million more. Did lockdowns and masks help ? Sure seems so. Also TX had tge benefit of getting hit with covid later in the epidemic when there was better ways of treating it and vaccines were more available. Yet Ci has a substantially smaller per capita death rate. Other than vaccines masks and lickdowns how can one justify TX having a much higher per capita death rate. The per capita death rates currently are now much higher in red states
    You should no better to accept data like the John’s Hopkins study that you WANT to believe, without first looking more closely at it. Are you tealky aawyer? Shame on you. Your clients deserve better

  5. Hairy says:

    You are blaming the science guys for telling Trump to shut everything down? Lol
    Trump maybe should have listened yo those science guys in Dec, Jan. And February. I livevin NYC we were having 3000+ deaths per day. That is 50% more than the 1 day 9/11. You don’t think thst was covid? We were having 9/11 +50% and you think we should have ignored it? Our hospitals were completely overwhelmed. ThecUSA is STILL having 3000+ deaths today. With poor red and rural states having the worst per capita death rates. As a pro ambulace chaser Rural counsel would you use as a defense in dui death that the victim had prior health conditions?
    That “poll” showing 66% of Dems want Hillary further investigated? Sure go ahead and investigate her. She was already tge subject of 8 Congressional investigations She testified for 11 hours on one day alone NEVER TOOK THE 5TH Unlike the a Trump.dems don’t use partisanship as a defense. Lol did you ever hear how often Trump says any investigation of him is “unfair” dems hold other Dems to high standards. Sen Frankle lost his job and got canceled for making non PC jokes
    Reluctant? They will defend a POTUS who is caught on tape saying g ” I just gran ’em by thecpussy” or Rep Gaetz under FBI investigation for child sex trafficking
    Investigate Hilkary? BRING IT ON ! Ain’t scared

  6. MarkD says:

    He said, “We.” I don’t believe he knows what that word means.

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