To Solve Climate Crisis (scam), We Need To Be Forced Into A “Culture Of Sustainability”

Once again, it’s interesting that this so often comes down to forcing Everyone Else to comply, you know, with the things the climate cultists won’t do on their own

EDITORIAL: Addressing climate change requires more than just individual actions
As we grapple with climate change, we need to create a culture of sustainability to minimize the effects

New Jersey recently received $15.4 million to expand electric vehicle charging stations, hoping to create a more electric-centered infrastructure. This investment signals the importance of moving to carbon-neutral emissions and trying to mitigate humans’ impact on the global environment, especially as the effects of climate change have already been causing problems.

Electric vehicles are one avenue we can use to combat climate change, and they would help reduce carbon emissions. Despite those benefits, though, electric cars cannot be the sole option we have to remedy environmental concerns.

I wonder how many people are actually commuting in EVs in NJ right now. Who’s going to trust one on the Parkway and Turnpike during the morning and evening rush hour? There’s gotta be a lot of mistrust

Electric cars are great, but at least in the current economy, they remain out of reach for the majority of Americans as they are too costly. Despite the unattainable costs, another issue, and maybe even more pressing, is that electric cars rely on individuals. Individual actions can only go so far.

Wait, what? Too costly for the majority of Americans? Huh. Don’t expect that to change.

Instead of focusing on a singular individual action, we need to focus on creating a culture of sustainability both in the state and at Rutgers.

This culture of sustainability can take the form of various investments we make into local communities, but it must begin with a solid, reliable and expansive public transportation system.

Oh, hey, cool. The cult will simply force you out of your reliable, affordable fossil fueled vehicle and onto buses and such. I mean, hey, in some urban areas, like a NYC, this is easy. When I visit there or D.C., I don’t drive around, I’ll take the bus or subway. What if you want to cruise on down to the beach or up to the mountains? Not so easy on the bus, eh. It’s almost like they’re trying to limit where the citizens can travel. Heck, Raleigh has a decent bus system. But, I’d have to get to the bus stop, around a mile and a half away, then take the bus through all the stops, which then leaves me about a mile to 2 away from work. No, f’ing thanks.

Elsewhere, I mentioned New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern this morning. Guess what she’s about to do

(Yahoo News) New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been chosen to give the keynote speech at Harvard University’s spring commencement, the Ivy League school announced Monday.

Ardern is scheduled to address graduates at a May 26 ceremony at the campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard President Larry Bacow called Ardern “one of the most respected leaders on the world stage.”

“From climate change and gender equality to COVID-19, she has modeled compassionate leadership that has brought together empathy and science-based solutions to address the most challenging issues of our time,” Bacow said in a statement.

That’s over 9,000 miles to fly from New Zealand to Boston. In a fossil fueled jet. Will she be flying commercial or taking a private jet to yammer on about the dangers of ‘climate change’?

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19 Responses to “To Solve Climate Crisis (scam), We Need To Be Forced Into A “Culture Of Sustainability””

  1. Est1950 says:

    “We are the dead. Our only true life is in the future. We shall take part in it as handfuls of dust and splinters of bone.” ? George Orwell 1984.

    AGW in a nutshell. Even Hairy and Elwood mention this. We will not be alive to see the fruits of our labor but we will have laid the foundation for a dystopian, authoritarian society that is run by fear.

    Cancel culture is no different than George Orwell’s belief in the future.

    “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever.” – George Orwell

    • Hairy says:

      How sadz you must be to see your own future as “a boot in the face” a bad picture to be in!
      I can only imagine how difficult it must be to live under such stress

      • Dana says:

        When we see purportedly free liberal democracies, in Canada, in Austria, in Australia, in New Zealand, and even some of the states of the US, imposing authoritarian decrees, sidestepping legislatures, and criminalizing protest, and a whole bunch of American people actually supporting such tyranny, yeah, I can see why some might see our future as “a boot in the face.” What is wholly surprising is how the American left, for so long the strongest supporters of freedom and individual rights, have knuckled under to the neo-fascists of the Democratic Party.

      • Est1950 says:

        How sadz you must be to see your own future as “a boot in the face” a bad picture to be in!

        Ultimate sadness, Hairy, is being unwilling to fight for freedom choosing to stand in its way? The opposite of a boot in one’s face is not to have a boot in one’s face.

        To fight for freedom is one’s duty unless one feels freedom is the very thing standing in the way of their political or social agenda.

        In your case, 100’s of posts show that your version of the future is clearly dystopian. I only endeavor to show you what your future brings if people do not fight for the freedom you personally enjoy right now by being able to post your thoughts without fear of retribution.

        Cancel culture is making that more and more untenable, the end result of which could very well be a boot in the face.

        “Death is the solution to all problems. No man – no problem.” Stalin.

        A dystopian future is what you seek. It is in every post you write. I will go to my death fighting for freedom around the world. You have made your choice, the only decision left for you is the size of the boot on your face.

  2. Hairy says:

    Est 1950
    It sure sounds to me like YOY are the one who fears the future.
    I myself think that we should be optimistic about the future. I see the fact that all major car manufacturers will be phasing out ICE vehicles by 2035. Future looks good to me! I see less nationalism, less chance of a major war. I think that the USA is repudiated the Bush doctrine of strike first in a war.i see giant steps being made monthly to a carbon free future. I see a future where my country may have learned the cost of starting wars. Losing bored incandescent light bulbs is still reg=tied only by Mr Teach

    • Est1950 says:

      You don’t follow the news much do you hairy? I see less nationalism, less chance of a major war.

      The MSM is pounding the drums of war right now with Russia. That is Biden-led press not conservatives, although I will admit that the conservatives are jumping right in with both feet to pay back their MIC donors.

      What is the alternative to Nationalism? A nation without borders creates enormous headaches for everyone involved because in this sense Mexico and Canada can claim the water from the Mississippi River or the Snake River. A borderless society is the facade of the Great Reset and is being instituted by The Biden Administration as we speak.

      It is not the infiltration of illegals that presents the greatest problem, it is the Reason Behind why any nation would want millions of illegals and refugees in the first place. The only direction this is destined to lead is in a cultural showdown where Muslims are pitted against Christians, against Jews, Against Hindus, against Buddhists.

      The only way to resolve this version of your future is with a very large boot in the face forcing people to co-exist. Because only in nirvana will people of diametrically opposed cultures learn to live together without a strong boot, a heavy hand, and a powerful central government forcing them to hide the boiling cauldron of disrespect they all feel for each other.

      No, Hairy, you should not feel optimistic, you should be afraid when these people come for what is yours. And they will because the government will give them license to do so.

  3. Jade Rogers says:

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  4. Hairy says:

    Teach both private jets and commercial jets can achieve 20 miles per gallon per passenger seat. They are quite efficient. And of course you can buy carbon offsets for either private of commercial jet flights. The cost is quite low about 2% of the cost of the flight.

  5. Jl says:

    And how will that lessen evil CO2 emissions, John? Shockingly, you never can answer this very simple question.
    As always, what crisis?

  6. david7134 says:

    Why? What is the purpose of modifying carbon. How does a tax modify carbon. You and Jeff go on about this constant, yet never any scientific evidence and never a practical solution. Which means hoax.

  7. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    davebot1619 needs to be reprogramed. It keeps repeating the same talking points.

  8. Harry says:

    Jacinda Ardern “one of the most respected leaders on the world stage” ha ha, good one – maybe if you are a globalist, but plenty of people here in New Zealand are aware of what an evil tyrant she is. The kiwi Freedom Convoy is in its tenth day of occupying Parliament grounds, peacefully protesting against vaccine mandates and the damage that Ardern has done to what was once a decent country. Ardern has refused to meet with them and has dismissed their concerns, in the same style as Justin Trudeau has done in Canada. Both leftist tyrants are taking their orders from the World Economic Forum.

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