Surprise: California Voters Want To Reinstate The Tough Penalties They Voted To Get Rid Of

See, Californians were cool with their virtue signaling when crime didn’t hit their own lives

Poll: California voters want to reinstate tougher penalties for some crimes, change Prop. 47

Amid a recent uptick in some criminal activity, the majority of California voters in a new statewide poll reported concern over state crime rates and said they would support reinstating penalties for certain thefts that a 2014 ballot measure reduced.

Seventy-eight percent of voters surveyed in a UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll co-sponsored by the Los Angeles Times said that crime has risen statewide over the last year, and 65% said it has increased locally. Most also said they would support changes to Proposition 47, which reduced some theft and drug felonies to misdemeanors as a way to reduce incarceration rates and save the state money.

The ballot measure raised the threshold for the value of goods stolen to trigger a felony from $400 to $950, and reclassified some offenses as misdemeanors. Fifty-nine percent of survey respondents said they would support amending Proposition 47 to let certain property crimes be prosecuted again as felonies, while 30% favor leaving the law unchanged.

Of course, these are the ones who didn’t abandon California when their idiotic votes started negatively affecting their own lives. The question now is, can these people who realized they voted like idiots and enable lots and lots of crime do anything? Can they get this on the ballot, or, will the elites who have private security so the crime doesn’t hit their own lives spike this?

Still, voters across the political spectrum support changing the law. According to the poll, 88% of “strongly conservative” voters said they want to amend Proposition 47, while 64% of “moderate” voters and 41% of “somewhat liberal” voters said the same. Those who identify as “strongly liberal” voters largely support Proposition 47, with 67% saying they’d rather keep it as is.

So, strongly liberal people are idiots, and would prefer crime.

Legislators in both political parties, however, have already introduced a handful of bills to modify Proposition 47, including one that would lower the value of goods stolen back down to $400 to qualify a theft as a felony. Another proposal would allow prosecutors to pursue charges where stolen goods are recovered, even if the theft did not occur in that jurisdiction, and a third would repeal Proposition 47.

proposed ballot measure would similarly permit prosecutors to pursue charges across jurisdictional lines and add sentence enhancements for significant property loss. It would also allow prosecutors to charge those with two or more prior theft convictions with a felony instead of a misdemeanor.

Of course, allowing prosecutors to do this and having the uber-leftist prosecutors actually do it are two different things.

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